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Sunday, June 2, 2024


Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Worth It?

Hello Everyone! And welcome back to another tech review.

Long Time Apple User...

I've been a long-time iPhone user and stuck in the Apple ecosystem for the past 10 years. While brainstorming and writing this article, I am using my MacBook Air M1 to write this content. 

With that being said, the migration process from iPhone to Android is a pretty difficult task. It took me a day and a half to process the migration using a USB type C cord via Samsung Switch. But needless to say, change is inevitable and change is good. (Later this week, I found out that I can easily transfer a copy of my iCloud Photos to Google Photos and I was able to transfer all of them within 3 days' worth of 123 GB of images and videos, that being done in the cloud transfer with just an easy click)

As most of my colleagues used iPhones, I asked them why they stuck to them, and most of them answered was due to better privacy and security. 

I'm not biased with both ecosystems but...

Well, I am not a pro of Android or iPhone at all but from a tech perspective especially since we are emerging with these technologies, Android has continuously progressed and built a robust security framework for each device adding more security layers depending on the brand of the device. Take an example from Samsung. They have Samsung Knox - the security arm of Samsung protecting the device 24/7 from some potential data breaches and have partnered with McAfee to protect its devices from any malware or viruses that may harm the device. 

Take it from Samsung...

Change is good!

Let's take a look at Samsung. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra last month. And this is my   1 month review and is it really worth it? Well, as a tech enthusiast, I am always experimenting and trying all the ecosystems as much as I can and I took the leap of faith to try a new ecosystem- Android preferred brand - Samsung. And I did not regret switching.

I'm not gonna discuss the technicality specifications in this article rather I am sharing my productivity and usability experience with the device. 

Not a snobby screen...

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra LTPO AMOLED Screen

The device's screen is incredible! It is definitely a feast for the eyes. The enormous 6.8-inch AMOLED LTPO display is stunning and perfect for watching any content that you can throw on it. It is also bright even when I use it in broad daylight.

The Camera Department is OUTSTANDING!...

Camera Department: Pro Settings

I use its camera for productivity and creating content and I was amazed at how the camera output was. Zooming and cropping any photo or footage is brilliant, and the stabilization is almost as good as using a handheld stabilizer. I even tried to use its 100x zoom and to my surprise, it reached the moon and it is still sharp!

 I primarily use the pro video feature of the device as it is easy for me to tweak all the advanced settings and this is shocking to me as compared to the iPhone (its inbuilt camera app) which doesn't have the advanced settings unless you have to purchase an app to utilize its feature such as Filmic Pro.

Every penny is worth it!

The S24 Ultra's Beasty Lenses

With the S24 Ultra, you get what you pay for and it's totally worth it.  

One thing that I liked about the Apple ecosystem is the Airdrop as it's easy for me to transfer wirelessly from my iPhone to my Macbook easily, but it takes time to transfer as it is needed to download first in the cloud and do the transfer. But what about Android to Macbook?

Well, it is easy, There is one software that is free to download and that software is Local Send. It is similar to Airdrop but any Android device can easily share and receive files either Windows or even my Macbook.

And I noticed that it was even faster to send a file almost the same as Airdrop. So sending a file between my devices is easy.

A battery that keeps you all day...

Battery-wise, it is boosted with 5000 mAh.  I still have enough juice by the end of the day for around 30 percent- that includes playing intense games such as Honkai Star Rail or Mobile Legends. 

It can also share some juice with another NFC-enabled device. Just toggle on the powersharing and voila, you can put the NFC-enabled device at the back of the S24 Ultra.

Note-taking is worth it!

S-Pen included in S24 Ultra

Hi! this is me- S-Pen!

One thing that boosts my productivity is the S Pen. It includes an S Pen and I always use it for note-taking and for productivity brainstorming for other content.

The Ecosystem that matters...

To make my ecosystem work together, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2. All of them work perfectly and harmoniously. Hear me out, I used to have an Apple Watch SE and Series 6 along and my Apple AirPods Pro. Both ecosystems work great in my opinion but every time I use my AirPods Pro, the receiver of my call usually complains a lot that they don't hear me and the voice clarity is terrible. Except for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. They are saying that it's clear and the voice clarity is better. 

I am going to share another review about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Airbuds Pro 2 in another blog.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Using the phone for listening to music, daily social media content usage, productivity, using the camera, and all. Anything you can throw at it. It's a wonderful device made by Samsung. 

The enhanced privacy and security layered and Samsung Cloud partnered with Google services is top-notch for me. 

I am satisfied and happy with this device and looking forward to using it the longer.

Thanks for reading my article and See you again next time.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence - Ceddy's Random

We live in a constantly changing and fast-paced world and rely upon everything in technology. The moment you are born, AI already has clutched on you. And that sounds scary but it is what it is. 

Welcoming the 21st century, we had a lot of surprising promises of technological advancement. 

As a copywriter and content writer for 10 years, I've seen a lot of changes and how AI helps otherwise convey data to an optimum result.

It breaks my heart to see that some of the contents that I've seen and read were mostly made or assisted by a generative AI. Though there's a benefit to getting ideas from this artificial intelligence, nothing beats the mind of a human to create such content. By the end of the day, We humans insinuated the creation of AI, however, this should be utilized in good moderation.

As a content writer. Plagiarism is the bad apple of content creation. In a nutshell, commanding ChatGPT to create content about such a topic can be conveyed within minutes. Though the content was made by ChatGPT, I am still concerned about plagiarism. However, the takeaway about it is that ChatGPT cannot copy and paste content.

Just so you know, ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI. And can generate responses based on arrays of datasets. That includes books, articles, websites, and other forms of written content synthesizing it and creating a new response.  

On the other side. Last year (2023) Google's Gemini AI was officially launched. It's the same as ChatGPT (chatbot). It is so advanced that In the medical field, Gemini AI  can be used to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases. The same goes for financial trading to make trading decisions. And my favorite part- The virtual assistant.

 I recently purchased a flagship phone of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - is powered by AI. As an iPhone user for 10 years, I dared to take a leap and jump to the Android family. Climbing out to the walled garden of Apple and seeing the rainbow from the other side feels great!. And that didn't compromise me to try all the good stuff - including the AI features which are very usable for productivity.

Speaking of Gemini AI, it was way more powerful and more concise to use on my phone. The chatbot is more concise and the way it responds to my commands is more accurate and responds more humanly compared to ChatGPT. 

In comparison with ChatGPT and Gemini AI. All were great but each of them has their own disadvantages as well. 

Gemini AI is the most unique,  offering a better user experience, it can generate an AI image and website links, and it's available to Google Workspace but with a subscription per month and depends on the tier level. 

Either way. AI is very helpful to us in reducing time costs, streamlining, and automating repetitive tasks but can also be disadvantageous such as the potential loss of human jobs and the lack of human emotion and creativity (as I've said before, nothing beats humans for creating such content).

Thats all. And thanks for reading my content.


Wednesday, April 24, 2024

How Can I Withdraw Paypal Money to Any Bank Account in UAE

Hello everyone! Ceddy here and welcome back for another informative content.

If you are new to publishing content and now monetized, the second thing that you want to set up is how you will receive your payment.

By this time, your advertising partner will inform you that the easiest way to get paid is through PayPal.

If you are living in and working in the UAE. Chances are, you have a savings or bank account in the country. Paypal on the other side allows it to transfer your funds directly to any UAE savings account. 

Here's the step-by-step process on how to transfer your PayPal funds to your local bank account.

Let's say, you already created and linked your bank account. Please do note as well that linking a savings account (IBAN) and linking a debit card is a different process. Linking debit cards to your PayPal account allows you to use your debit card funds to shop online using your PayPal account, on the other hand. Linking a savings account with your IBAN number in PayPal is the correct way to transfer your funds.

So don't get confused from both ways.

I used my mobile to initiate the fund transfer, otherwise you can use your desktop or laptop as well. 

First, open your PayPal mobile app and select your current balance. 

It will open another section and will ask you to enter the specific amount you wish to transfer.

Step 1, Click the pen icon and enter the desired amount you wish to transfer.

Step 2, Choose the desired saving account that you saved before.

Step 3, Purpose of payment. Since I don't transfer to anyone and since I own the account. I choose OAT or Own Account Transfer.

Step 4 Before proceeding with the transfer, make sure to read and understand that there is a conversion fee and some fees from PayPal then proceed to transfer.

    After the steps above, a confirmation is shown below that your transfer has been processed successfully.

You will receive an email notification as a copy of your transaction. 

All details will be shown as well with real-time tracking on your PayPal App.

Please do note that fees may be different for banks and for your countries as well. Check with PayPal customer service or you can chat with them to further assist you. 

Thats it! 

Thank you so much for reading another informative content. See you again next time!


Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Best Affiliate Marketing Website in 2024

Affiliate Network who?

Hello Everyone! If you are new to my blog, you might notice that my website consists of advertisements and affiliates. But for today's content. I am sharing with you the affiliate website that I currently joined for the past years.

Which affiliate network do I  highly recommend?

CJ Affiliate Network

If you want to utilize the ad space on your website. Joining an affiliate would be advantageous. And it's another extra income on top of your current ad provider. 

I have two affiliate partners. One is the CJ Affiliate Network and Impact.

CJ Affiliate formerly known as Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world. It connects advertisers with publishers often bloggers like Me. 

Most of the well-known brands in the travel category are partnered with CJ Affiliate. My website is affiliated with Namecheap, PUMA, and Qatar Airways. 

The commission structure depends on the affiliate brand that you are currently connected or affiliated with. 

The implementation of affiliate banner links depends on the brand and is very easy to implement whether in javascript or HTML code.  Here's a sample screenshot above.

However, I noticed that the user interface takes time to load such as visiting to other tabs, even having a strong internet connection takes a lot of time to load.

The commission payout threshold is 100 USD and wire transfer is the best way to receive the funds.

However, when it comes to tenurity of the affiliate brand, the brand has the right to terminate the contract with the publisher. And I've encountered it many times.

To join as a publisher, head over to this link. 

Another affiliate marketing website...

Is ...

Compared to CJ Impact. The user interaction on its dashboard is fast and responsive. The flexibility and commission structure depends on the affiliate brand as well. 

When it comes to link implementation, I can see that Impact is more focused on the link directly rather than providing an advertisement banner. 

There is an option to join a pre-qualified brand, and you can join any of these brands instantly. 

I am currently affiliated with the brands shown above and each of the brands provides a commission structure accordingly. When it comes to the flexibility of affiliates to join, Impact has the best affiliates starting from small to medium affiliates but provides generous commissions.

Impact is more focused on creating a direct link and you can attach it to any website or any social media channels making it more flexible and advantageous to non-tech-savvy users.

When it comes to the withdrawal of commission, Impact can auto-withdraw your funds at a desired amount. As for me, It can auto-withdraw when it reaches 50 dirhams (my local currency) 

To join the Impact affiliate network, you can click this link. 

So that's a wrap! If you want to maximize your ad space on your website. Try to sign up for either of the two affiliate networks and let the commission keep coming.

Thanks for reading my blog and I Hope you learn something. Any questions, feel free to DM me or comment below. 



 Is the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45 MM Version Good? 

Another Tech Review!

And I am back again for another tech review.

There is a quote about technology saying  " If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology" 

And it makes sense. People nowadays rely on technology to measure their health or use their smartwatches to monitor their fitness stats. Giant tech companies such as Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit are investing in this category providing great features so that consumers will be enticed to buy one. 

The Apple Walled Garden

And I am one of them. As you may know, all of my devices are tied up to the Apple ecosystem. Airpods work flawlessly with my Macbook and iPhone simultaneously as well as with my Apple Watch. Once you are locked into the walled garden. It is difficult to leave. And to add it up, I bought an Apple Watch.  Silly as may sound, it's not to show off to people that all of your products are made by Apple, though some of you might think that if you have Apple devices means it's classy and expensive. You are comparing it to a Gold. The advantage of Apple products is that if you want to sell them later, the value is much greater compared to Android devices. 


My family has a long history of heart disease. My father passed away due to myocardial infarction same goes with my grandfather and my great-grandfather,  medical practitioners would abbreviate it to M.I. 

As I grew older, I became more health conscious, I avoided fatty foods, made sure that I walked at least 15 minutes every day, drank a lot of water, and slept at least 8 hours. 

2 years ago, I went to the hospital complaining about pain chest. This happened every time after a long day of work and stressed out. It was my first time to see an apparatus of an ECG Machine. There were a series of long coils with patches on them being patched to some parts of my body and throughout my chest.  After a few hours, I got the result, the doctor explained to me the result as there was a peak generated by the ECG. I forgot the terminologies the doctor had told me but I was given some medications right after.

My first time seeing and experiencing the ECG Machine...

After that consultation, I was more careful and adhered to a healthy diet and I felt better. 

I wanted to monitor my heart rate as well and later this year. I decided to purchase an Apple Watch Series 7, the 45 MM version. The main feature ( and selling point)  of this watch is that it offers the ECG feature. With a touch of your finger, the Apple watch systematically detects the heart pulse rate and sees the upper and lower chambers of your heart.  It then forwards the results to the health app which is built into the iPhone. The data that it gathers can be easily shared with your healthcare provider instantly. 

That is how convenient the Apple watch is.

Sometimes, If I feel uncomfortable or if I feel nervous. Apple watch detects my heart rate. It vibrates and notifies me that I have an erratic heart though it's only due to a feeling of nervousness. 

The Apple Watch features that I loved...

It can also measure how many hours is my sleep, it should be worn overnight to measure the exact hours and categorized into 3 parts. 

Blood oxygen measurement is also available though I don't use it but it's running in the background. If you walk for 15 minutes, the Apple Watch will vibrate and will ask you to record your steps.

make phone calls directly in Apple watch with built-in microphone and speaker

respond to messages with built-in keyboard

control my Spotify app

Entertainment-section, the Apple Watch Series 7 can also control music and has a built-in App Store to download Apple Watch applications. Spotify, YouTube music, and Watchtube - to watch YouTube videos, are some of the applications that I installed. 

Apple Pay is also available, to activate the Apple Watch, just press the power button and you are good to go. 

There are plenty of watch complications to choose from and it's readily available in the Apple Watch app, but I prefer to choose shuffled photos.

Checking notifications and replying to my friends via iMessage or SMS directly to the phone is very useful or just telling Siri to call someone or answer a call and use it hands-free while my phone is in my pocket. 

This is the Apple Watch with and without the strap...

The Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45 MM version has a water resistance rating of 50 meters. It can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.  

To learn more about its specifications, you can visit Apple's website by clicking this link.

Practically, Magic...

As Steve Jobs said. "It just works", and "It works like magic".

My Apple watch is my companion for my day-to-day routine. It helps me to be more productive and assures me that my health is on track. 

There are a lot of features which I have not mentioned. But these are some of the features that I'm using in my daily routine.

So if you may ask me. Is the Apple Watch Series 7 42mm a good product to buy in 2024? 

Absolutely! I highly recommend it.  As long as you have an iPhone, that wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for reading my blog.


 Hong Kong- Concrete Jungle and Asia's Finest

I have no plans to visit Hong Kong as I want to travel to the United Kingdom. However, due to visa rejection, I am not able to fulfill my dream to visit the UK. My sister in the UK suggested Hong Kong but I was not planning to go there, for some reason, My other sister in Hong Kong reached out to Me and offered to explore Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was colonized by Britain for almost 156 years. Its glory from the past such as old structures tourist spots, temples, and all were still in good shape and highly maintained. Double-decker buses and MTR ( their subway system ) are the choice of transportation for commuters. And of course, I tried all of them and it was such an experience.

The picture above: The Peninsula Hotel built in 1928 



The picture above: The Chi Lin Nunnery: A large Buddhist temple complex located in Diamond Hill

The picture above: With my Sister at Hong Kong International Airport

It happened to be that my Sister is also a resident of Hong Kong. So She offered me to visit her since we haven't seen each other for the past 25 years. A brief background about myself. My mom is half-Chinese and half-Filipino, whereas my sister is married to a Hong Kong citizen and has been living in Hong Kong for more than 21 years. And the best part? Philippine passport holders can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days visa-free.


The picture above: Gloomy Weather at Tsim Sha Tsui 


The picture above Chilly Early Morning at Sai Kung, Hong Kong



The picture above Waiting for the golden hour at Fuk Man Garden at Sai Kung, Hong Kong

The picture above: Just a normal day in the countryside of Sai Kung



The picture above: Locals of Hong Kong on their daily life



Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate with dry winters, so to give you an idea, it's the same weather during the summers in the UAE or in the Philippines. I went there last October of 2023. The temperature in the city center ranges from 36 to 38 degrees Celsius and the humidity is paramount. I have to bring an extra T-shirt since I'm sweating a lot. compared to Sai Kung ( located in the eastern coastal area of new territories. My sister resides.) Where the temperature goes down to 20 degrees and it's quite chilly since it's situated below the mountain and waterfront with a luscious water canal coming from the mountain. It is a sight to see and relaxing especially early in the morning. 



Pictures above: Food trippin' at Mong Kok


The most sought-after go-to place for food is Mong Kok. I went to Mong Kok several times and I deeply fell in love with the food choices there. Fresh chow mein noodles, roasted pecking duck, Japanese cuisine, and assorted street foods. It was heaven! I'm not a picky eater so I tried everything as much as I could. One thing that I noticed there is that some local sellers are impatient, I guess maybe because of the language constraint. Good thing that Google Translate is handy. 



The picture above: Chi Lin Nunnery Temple


When it comes to free tourist spots, one thing that I highly recommend is to see the Chi Lin Nunnery located in Diamond Hill. Free entrance, and dressing appropriately are needed since it is a sacred temple. It's a retreat for Buddhist Nuns. The camera is forbidden inside the temple. 

Pictures above: At The Peak


I went to Victoria Peak riding via the famous tram, sounds classy right? Riding in the tram is such a surreal experience, the higher the tram reaches the peak, you get the chance to see the entire skyline of the city. The exhilarating view at the peak took my breath away. It's surreal. 




Pictures above: Hong Kong Monetary Authority



The next place to visit for free is the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Located in Two IFC towers next to the pier where you can ride a ferry going to TST. Hong Kong Monetary Authority is Hong Kong's central banking institution. I got the chance to learn about the country's monetary history and showcase the country's trading notes and coins. 

Up next is the Tsim Sha Tsui, (some residents would abbreviate it to TST, it's a mouthful to say so they put it that way) situated in the Kowloon district a shopping and nightlife heaven for everyone. It's where the Victoria Harbour is also located. If you want to experience and appreciate the Hong Kong skyline view, this is the place you should not miss. And best of all, it's free. However, you need to cross to reach Victoria Harbour via ferry at Wan Chai Pier or Central 7 Pier. 





Pictures above: Tsim Sha Tsui


I got to experience the local seafood of Sai Kung. I mentioned that it's situated on the waterfront. It is mainly dubbed as the back garden of Hong Kong since most of the locals there work at the coast. The local restaurant sells seafood. When I say seafood, anything that the ocean can offer and will bring to the table. Fresh seafood that you can imagine. I cannot eat crustaceans since I am allergic to them. But it came to the point where I wanted to try their Lobsters. But, thanks but no thanks. Lol.

Pictures above: All about Sai Kung 

Pictures above: Lady's Night Market


Ladies Night Market is the best place to buy your souvenirs such as graphic tees or key chains, located in the Kowloon district of Mong Kok. Most of the items can be sold here however, there's a focus on selling ladies' clothes and accessories. Locals selling their products here were able to adapt to other foreigners' second tongue. To my surprise, they can even speak Tagalog (the basics related to selling goods) 

I stayed in Hong Kong for 14 days and I saved the best for last. The Hong Kong Disneyland.

Pictures above: Hong Kong Disneyland


My inner child of 5 years old was thrilled while seeing for the very first time the entrance of Disneyland. I got teary-eyed a bit. Trying all the rides as much as I could and watching the Disney Parade and one of the highlights of my visit-the Disney Fireworks. It was spectacular. A sight to hold, truly, it is the happiest place on earth. 

Here are some tips that I highly recommend if Hong Kong is on your bucket list:

  • Purchase a data sim. I am using two phones so I use the data sim in my 5G portable hotspot.
  • Bring a power bank. As per checking with Singapore Airlines before I travel, the max mAh allowed for a power bank is 10,000 mAh (milliamperes) 
  • Download offline maps. Google Maps to be exact.
  • Purchase an Octopus Card upon arrival at the airport. Octopus is a card that can be reloaded using your Mastercard or Visa card and cash. You can use this card to purchase any goods from small merchants or even McDonald's. If you are running out of balance in your Octopus card, you can top up at any 7/11 or the MTR.
  • Ensure that you have cash all the time as most small merchants, especially in Mong Kok prefer cash. 
  • Last. Seize the moment!

It was a fun and memorable experience. 

That's a wrap. Thanks for reading my blog.