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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Macbook Air Retina 13 Inches with Intel Iris Plus Graphics First Impression

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and I am back for another quick first-impression review of the Macbook Air Retina 13 inches with Intel Iris Plus Graphics.

Throwback 2015

I purchased my very first Macbook Air way back in 2015, and I completely fell in love with it. As an Apple user, I've been hooked on the Apple ecosystem since then. I've been using that old MacBook for 7 years now, and as Apple releases new software updates, my Macbook works fluidly as it feels new. However, as time goes on, I have to upgrade the software tools which I am using for video editing on my vlogs and for my projects. And as the software updates itself, some features that's been currently added are no longer supported on my old MacBook, the optimization which I am expecting didn't manage my expectations and it takes hours and hours for me to render a 4-minute video, as you may know, MacBook specs are also crucial and is needed for the Final Cut Pro to work fluidly but my 2015 Macbook Air can no longer handle these tasks and it is now completely showing some aging as well and its performance is quite slow now.

Which is which?

Then I decided to purchase a new Macbook Air 2020. My original plan was to purchase the Macbook Air M1 (Silicon Chip) this is a system on a chip made exclusively by Apple on its own devices such as the Macbook 2022 lineup and above. It is commonly known as Soc, Soc architecture is also being used in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch devices, Airpods, Airtag, and Homepod. Since I'm on a tight budget, I made some research and watched some youtube reviews, and finally decided to buy their 2020 LineupSeries.

Intel means integral or is it?

Intel has been an integral part of the Macbook lineup since day 1.  In a nutshell, the M1 processor is power efficient enough to handle tasks compared to its Intel processors. But in my opinion, as long as it is working perfectly and can handle any tasks, that would be fine for me. So I choose the i3 Intel Dual Core with Iris Graphics. 

The keyboard is mighty swift!

So far, this is my second day of using it while writing this blog. Typing on the keyboard is swift, it is so comfortable that I can't stop typing. Compared to my old 2015 Macbook Air, this keyboard, which they market as the "Magic Keyboard" works flawlessly, no wonder they called it like that, its precise typing experience is enhanced by a "scissor typed keyboard", as you may know, 2019 and previous Macbook Pro and Air lineup has been controversial due to its butterfly keyboard and they had to shell out $50 Million to its customers affected by the unreliable typing surface, these customers who purchased between 2015 and 2019 in 7 states in the US. So far my 2015 Macbook Air butterfly keyboard is not faulty at all until today. 

Aesthetic-that is all

Built and quality-wise, It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The color of my previous MacBook Air is Silver and I opted to choose the same color. It's very catchy to the eye especially if you are using it outdoors. 

LED? A defo upgrade indeed

The lid is almost thin and creamed up with a pitch-black surface. And the screen? oh well, it's LED Retina -IPS display, this is a major upgrade for me since my eyes are completely used to LCD retina display. The display of this Macbook is perfect for binge-watching on Netflix. Though I find it difficult to see some viewing accuracy outdoors as it is prone to light reflection on the screen as you can see below.

And one more thing...

All of the features I love of my previous MacBook Air adding the new Touch ID is completely bang for my bucket. Seamless experience when logging in to any site, paying online via Apple Pay is a breeze with authentication via touch i.d. 

Work like a magic

The trackpad has some new features as well, including touch force, and pressure-sensitive drawing, and the backlit keyboard remains the same. There is something in the trackpad itself that it feels so good to use. The pressure vibration response is oddly satisfying.

Aesthetic or another cash to spend?

The only thing which I feel bad about this device is the lack of a MagSafe charging port. It is easy to attach the Magsafe while charging but on this particular MacBook Air, they opted to put a 2 USB-C thunderbolt port on the left side and a 3.5 mm headset jack on the right side.  Ideally, it's very pleasing to the eye and kind of aesthetic to see few coms on it, but come on Apple, you can do better. I mean, aesthetically, it's great. No more ports, less is more as they say. However,  I can not use my other accessories which are mainly USB-A type. And sad to say, you are needed to purchase some accessories which are compatible with Macbook Air ONLY. So another is spent on these unnecessary accessories. But who cares? Apple users would do anything, I suppose? 

All-day battery indeed

Battery-wise, so far the battery is efficient. I charged it for about almost 2 hours and I've been using it for about 4 hours now straight, writing a review about it. from 100% down to 85% while Im wrapping up my review at this point. 


So, if you may ask me. Is the Macbook Air 2020 worth purchasing this 2023? Yes, absolutely. If you are just like me, editing videos, binge-watching on Prime or Netflix, and casually browsing the internet. This is the Macbook Air for you. Its weight is 1.29 kg. The thinness and its portability do their job very well.

Thanks for reading my first impression and I'll see you again on my next blog.


Sunday, March 5, 2023


Nintendo Switch OLED Review After 2 Months | Doramode Digital 2023

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and welcome back to another tech review.

Finally, I Have One!

I recently purchased a Nintendo Switch OLED last January. I recently uploaded an unboxing video to my Youtube channel. You can check the link here

Nintendo Switch Initial Launch

The first launch of Nintendo Switch was dated back in March 2017. And the hype was so insane. It was tagged as $299. Coming from a family of playing super Mario on a Nintendo Family Computer (yes We have that one at home) and I have the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy SP as well. I thought I might purchase the newly launched Nintendo Switch. But there's a drawback! The first switch display is LCD and it's not OLED!. That makes me think of sticking to my iPhone playing Mobile Legends rather than purchasing it as my vision is getting used to eye-popping OLED displays.

Hello, Nintendo 2023!

So I skipped that part. And fast forward to today 2023. I decided to purchase the NEW NINTENDO SWITCH OLED. And voila! It never disappoints me. The OLED screen is an eye grabber and the switch controller has an HD rumble (a  haptic feedback engine hidden inside the Joy-Con and Pro Controller) adding the gaming experience better! (though the first switch has an HD rumble, the experience is really different with the OLED display) 

First Impression...Feels Plasticky?

Though I find that the controller is plasticky and it wiggles a bit when connected to the console. Still, it's vulnerable to "Joy-Con Drift" ( a term for joysticks acting as though they are being tilted in a particular direction even when they are not.) If you purchase as well a separate joy con controller as that cost you much as 70 dollars (AED to USD exchange rate at the moment online), that depends on the brand or Nintendo itself.

Regional Settings Issue. And the Technical Stuff...

I am living in Abu Dhabi UAE and I'm not able to download some games via Nintendo E-Shop the only way for me to download them is to find a solution by changing the region and all. It's very technical so I will leave it here. To make it short, I was able to download some free games such as OVERWATCH 2 (I'm addicted to it! ) and Fortnite.

Pricey Games!

Most of my friends would think that Super Mario is free to download. But it's not! And you very rare for Nintendo to run some offers or discounts on Super Mario games. There are plenty of free games which you can download at the Nintendo E-Shop though most of them need an internet connection to play on.

It happens that Little Nightmares 1 and 2 are on sale and I purchased their digital version. And speaking of purchases. The Nintendo Switch OLED internal memory is 64GB versus their previous 32GB storage and there is a micro sd card slot in the console's back compartment. I purchased an extra 64 GB on top of its internal storage and its expandable to up to 2TB of storage.

I decided to purchase the physical version of SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD + BOWSER FURY. I got a deal on amazon and it cost me $40. It is much cheaper than the digital version which costs about $60. Very expensive. But upon playing the Super Mario 3D World. I now realized why it is very expensive. The gaming quality overall is superb and one thing is for sure. They spent millions of dollars just to create a game that is enjoyable and fun. And I bet $60 is all worth it. But I'm still hoping that they can run a discount.

The Gameplay Experience is Absolutely Great!

My favorite part as well as the console's dock it allows the user to display Nintendo Switch gameplay on the television. By docking the switch on it and you can remove as well the joy-con and connect it to the joy-con grip. I'm using the joy-con grip to play Overwatch 2 and Asphalt 9 as the joy-con has a built-in gyro sensor. While the switch is connected to the dock, It is simultaneously charged at the same time. And the new switch dock has a built LAN Port which the previous dock doesn't have. So if you wish to play an intensive game that needed a robust internet connection, then they decided to put a LAN port. That's a plus from Nintendo. 

The Battery quality of the console is okay. Not great really. I spent most of my time playing Overwatch on the go. And approximately it last up to 6 hours of battery usage and yet I still have 30% left when I reached home.

For your reference, here's what is inside the box of Nintendo Switch OLED. 

Nintendo Switch console

Nintendo Switch dock

1 Joy-Con™ (L) controller, 1 Joy-Con™ (R) controller

2 Joy-Con™ wrist strap accessories

Joy-Con grip accessory

Nintendo Switch AC adapter

HDMI cable

So. Do I recommend the Nintendo Switch OLED to purchase this 2023?

If you have the budget to purchase games aside from the free ones. Searching for a better OLED Screen with decent battery life. The portability. It's a YES for me!

Thanks for reading my tech review of Nintendo Switch OLED and I'll see you again next time!


Monday, August 22, 2022

  iPhone 13 Pro Max Quick Unboxing Review 

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and welcome back to my blog. And for today's content, I am going to do a quick unboxing review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Yes! You read it right. Finally, after 3 years of using my iPhone 11, I was able to upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro Max. After 3 years of using my old iPhone, its battery degrade as well from 100 % going down to 75%. As the time I used my device, I also noticed that its overall performance was lessened although Apple is well known to optimize the overall hardware and software performance.

I didn't hesitate to purchase the iPhone 13 Pro Max although the new iPhone 14 is approaching and will introduce this coming September's keynote event.  I've been watching plenty of reviews of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the feedback was excellent. 

Some of the reasons that I purchased this device is because of the adaptive ProMotion display which clocks up to 120hz and clocks down to 10hz. I personally prefer this high refresh rate since I'm always playing Mobile Legends and Genshin Impact. 5G is also available on iPhone 13 Pro Max which was initially debuted from the previous iPhone 12 lineup. Dolby Vision XDR Display as well that provides a wide color gamut giving unprecedented color accuracy when watching a movie or capturing/recording video content. Packed with 6 GB or ram, an IP68 Rating that can be fully protected from dust and can handle being underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters. I mentioned only a few of the features of the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Enough with the intro, let's start the unboxing! 

iPhone 13 Pro Max Alpine Green New Redesigned Packaging

I opted to choose the limited edition Alpine Green. It took me a few weeks to wait for this color to arrive since it's very hard to find one considering that it's very limited. Luckily I was able to have one. As you can see, the packaging of the iPhone devices started with iPhone 13 series completely redesigned. Apple will be omitting the use of plastic wraps around the boxes when the new iPhones are shipped. 

Back Portion of the iPhone 13 Pro Max Alpine Green

Back of the newly redesigned iPhone packaging. Apple really does care about the environment. As an Apple fanboy who loves to unbox a product, the exciting part which I really love the most is the removal of plastic wrap (ASMR) however, for the new packaging, there is a new tear-off tab made of paper glued to the box and can be torn just once. And that's it. So far it's also satisfying but nothing beats the ASMR of the plastic. It's just my personal preference. 

USB-C 20W Power Adapter 

One thing that I hate about Apple is that they wanted us to buy more out of the expensive devices. Considering the price of an iPhone versus some of the flagship android devices that have a power adapter, the iPhone doesn't have at all. It comes with 1 lightning to USB-C cable instead, so I have to buy a 20W USB-C power adapter. But to be honest and to my surprise, the USB-C 20W adapter charges my iPhone to 50% in under 30 minutes. But the price of the adapter costs 75 dirhams or approximately 20 USD.

What's in the Box?

iPhone 13 Pro Max Alpine Green

And here she is. I already unboxed and synchronized my iCloud to my new iPhone so as you can see my wallpaper was also updated. I am using the iOS 16 Public beta at the moment. Comparing my iPhone 11 which is 194 grams, to iPhone 13 Pro Max, my new device is a bit heavier weighing 240 grams. And the notch of the 13 Pro Max is 20% less compared to its previous models.

Documentation with Apple Sticker

Some documentation, a sim ejecting tool, and of course a fresh new sticker which I loved the most. I haven't used the stickers which were also included on my previous iPhones such as 6S Plus and the iPhone X and iPhone 11, I have a quick unboxing review of my iPhone 11, click here to learn more. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max All Glass Front / Textured Glass Back

The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with an all-glass scratch-resistant ceramic glass with an oleophobic coating which is designed to keep your fingerprints off of your screen. It also matches the color of the stainless steel to look more aesthetic. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max Triple Camera Lenses

Comparing my iPhone 11 which comes with wide and ultrawide lenses. You can read my full review of the iPhone 11 here. The iPhone 13 Pro Max packs up with an additional telephoto lens (3x optical zoom) and macro photography was also added. There's also a LiDAR Scanner which means it can create a depth of map of your surroundings which is very beneficial to developers who are focusing on augmented reality to its customers such as IKEA to name a few.

Side Panel of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

The right side panel of the device contains the power/wake button and the left side has the silent switch and the volume buttons. Antenna bands are located at the top and sides of the phone. The sim card slot is located on the left side of the device. The device can support E-Sim. You can check my other review of Virgin E-sim here if you want to learn more. The device includes speaker holes and a microphone at the bottom and can support dual stereo wherein the main speaker act as the left speaker if you are trying to watch a movie or playing a game.

USB-C to Lightning Cable Charger

And the last item in the box is no other than the USB-C to lightning cable. Most Android devices use USB-C chargers because of the data transfer rate and charging speed capability. However, Apple still continues to use the lightning cable which was launched way back in 2012.

Transparent Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

For added protection, I purchased a transparent case for my device along with a screen protector. I'm planning to purchase another case that comes with a magnet embossed on its back so that charging a MagSafe would be easier. 

 iPhone 13 Pro Max with Transparent Case

And that's it! Thanks for reading my quick unboxing review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I will be writing a follow review after using the device for a month utilizing its features such as 5G connectivity and more. So stay tuned! 

Stay safe and God Bless!


Friday, July 29, 2022

Samsung Pay Review 2022- 1 Month After Using It | Doramode-Digital

photo credits to Wikipedia

What's up everyone!  Ceddy here and welcome back to my blog. And for today's blog, I'm going to share with you my experience using Samsung Pay on my Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. I recently made a quick unboxing review of my new device. Go ahead and check it out by clicking this link to learn more.

Contactless Payments

contactless card symbol, image credits to Wikipedia

Since the pandemic started, 2 years ago, merchant stores are gradually adapting to contactless payment technology. Debit and credit cards adopt NFC technology, which means it's much safer to make a payment by just quickly tapping the card into the merchant card terminal. This technology is commonly available to major electronic payment cards
such as Visa (Contactless) and Mastercard (Tap and Go). Since I mentioned Mastercard, I am using Payoneer Debit Mastercard and you can watch a quick vlog review of my Payoneer Debit Mastercard which has the feature of Tap and Go. You can click this Youtube link to learn more. 

Enough with the intro. Let's go ahead and start this review! 😀

I have a Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. And I really wanted to try Samsung Pay. Good thing, my current bank is in the UAE. RAKBANK, accepts Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, so it's not hard for me to set it up. 

Samsung Pay - Setting It Up

Setting Up Samsung Pay is easy. Compared to Apple Pay- where the application is already pre-installed on the device. Samsung Pay is needed to be downloaded on the Play Store. I already created a Samsung Account and it asks me to sync the same account associated with my Samsung Pay. It authenticates via fingerprint on my thumb, next thing is providing the card details a few next and accepting the terms and conditions, and done, you're good to go. I don't have any screenshot on how to add the credit/debit card due to its security policy of Samsung. For your reference, I am attaching a link to Samsung's support portal instead. 

Launched Date

Samsung Pay was initially launched in South Korea last August 20, 2015, followed in the USA on September 28, 2015. After succeeding months and years, other countries follow as well. Including the UAE last April 27, 2017.

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay works a lot like other mobile payment platforms out there like Apple Pay and Google Pay by using NFC. But one thing that Samsung Pay stands out from its competitor is having MST. Samsung utilizes MST which stands for Magnetic Secure Transmission which essentially mimics the physical swipe of a credit card through magnetic waves which neither Google Pay nor Apple Pay does. Most POS machine which has a built-in debit/credit card terminal relies on MST but doesn't have NFC Technology. So Samsung applied this technology to its new devices. You'll be able to use Samsung Pay without the store having to upgrade their POS Machines. 

My Experienced Using Samsung Pay

So far, within a month of using Samsung Pay. I didn't face any problem using it on the merchant card terminal. It was pretty easy to use since it relies on a PIN or fingerprint. On the other hand, Apple Pay can be used via Face ID and pin as well. My Samsung M52 doesn't have face depth technology opting to use the fingerprint scanner to authenticate Samsung Pay transactions. 

Samsung Pay - Is it Safe?

Samsung Pay is completely secure via tokenization. Similar to Apple Pay, it creates a unique identifier to process the transaction. This means you never have to worry about your actual debit/credit card number being compromised. It's also protected with an added security layer of Samsung KNOX. 

Since I'm residing here in the UAE. From small merchants to Malls, Wireless payments are mostly accepted. I am withdrawing my cash without using or bringing out my debit/credit card. 

The convenience of Samsung Pay 

photo credits to boubyan bank

It happened to me one time when I go for grocery shopping, realizing that I forgot my wallet.  I didn't bother since I am confident that I can make a payment using my phone. I have my 2 phones with me. But I decided to use Samsung Pay since I don't have to remove my mask to authenticate it (for Apple Pay, I usually do this all the time) All I have to do is to authenticate it on my Samsung Fingerprint.

Similar to Apple Pay, the Samsung Pay Application is user-friendly. It divides into 3 tab sections.

Samsung Pay Application

Home, Pay, and Discover.

Home Tab 

It shows the analysis of your expenses for the whole month, week, or day. It also shows what current promotions Samsung Pay has to offer and a step-by-step guide on how to use Samsung Pay.

Pay Tab

It shows your debit/credit card and loyalty cards available. This is the section as well where you have to authenticate your debit/credit card via pin or fingerprint before making a payment.

Discover Tab

It shows your voucher and other deals such as hotels, attractions, and airfare deals to name a few. It's like an Entertainer App., providing great discounts as long as you need to use Samsung Pay in order to get the discounts.

Shopping Online Using Samsung Pay

I also shop online. And one thing that stressed me out is the checking out section where you have to pull out your debit/credit card and enter all the details manually. However, most of the online shopping applications here in the UAE widely adopt Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Unlike the traditional way of typing the payment card, the application detects Samsung Pay or Apple and asks as well if you prefer to enter the card details manually. 

I use often my iPhone 11 via Apple Pay to securely make transactions online. Now that I have Samsung Pay, I tried it as well and it went well pretty accurately. I cannot take a screenshot again since Samsung won't allow it due to security policy. And Samsung Pay can be used as well even if you're offline. For your reference, below is a screenshot from .

photo credits via

Overall Experience

My experience using Samsung Pay is great, 5 stars to Samsung Pay! People would think that their card would be compromised since hackers nowadays are using more advanced technologies to infiltrate their suspect's financial information. Anyways, Samsung has KNOX technology and I trust Samsung. Either way around, they would always say that the safety of their consumers to digital products and finances is always their number 1 priority same goes with Apple.

Samsung Pay Supported Countries

Currently, upon writing this blog, there are 27 countries that support Samsung Pay. Sadly, the Philippines is not on the list and hopefully, the Philippines would also adopt this technology. Though GCASH by Alipay is one of the most widely used mobile payment, mobile wallet, and branchless banking services in the Philippines. 

Do I recommend Samsung Pay?

Definitely, a YES! It's worth trying. 

Thanks for reading my blog and I'll see you again on my next blog.


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