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Wednesday, May 1, 2024


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence - Ceddy's Random

We live in a constantly changing and fast-paced world and rely upon everything in technology. The moment you are born, AI already has clutched on you. And that sounds scary but it is what it is. 

Welcoming the 21st century, we had a lot of surprising promises of technological advancement. 

As a copywriter and content writer for 10 years, I've seen a lot of changes and how AI helps otherwise convey data to an optimum result.

It breaks my heart to see that some of the contents that I've seen and read were mostly made or assisted by a generative AI. Though there's a benefit to getting ideas from this artificial intelligence, nothing beats the mind of a human to create such content. By the end of the day, We humans insinuated the creation of AI, however, this should be utilized in good moderation.

As a content writer. Plagiarism is the bad apple of content creation. In a nutshell, commanding ChatGPT to create content about such a topic can be conveyed within minutes. Though the content was made by ChatGPT, I am still concerned about plagiarism. However, the takeaway about it is that ChatGPT cannot copy and paste content.

Just so you know, ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI. And can generate responses based on arrays of datasets. That includes books, articles, websites, and other forms of written content synthesizing it and creating a new response.  

On the other side. Last year (2023) Google's Gemini AI was officially launched. It's the same as ChatGPT (chatbot). It is so advanced that In the medical field, Gemini AI  can be used to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases. The same goes for financial trading to make trading decisions. And my favorite part- The virtual assistant.

 I recently purchased a flagship phone of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - is powered by AI. As an iPhone user for 10 years, I dared to take a leap and jump to the Android family. Climbing out to the walled garden of Apple and seeing the rainbow from the other side feels great!. And that didn't compromise me to try all the good stuff - including the AI features which are very usable for productivity.

Speaking of Gemini AI, it was way more powerful and more concise to use on my phone. The chatbot is more concise and the way it responds to my commands is more accurate and responds more humanly compared to ChatGPT. 

In comparison with ChatGPT and Gemini AI. All were great but each of them has their own disadvantages as well. 

Gemini AI is the most unique,  offering a better user experience, it can generate an AI image and website links, and it's available to Google Workspace but with a subscription per month and depends on the tier level. 

Either way. AI is very helpful to us in reducing time costs, streamlining, and automating repetitive tasks but can also be disadvantageous such as the potential loss of human jobs and the lack of human emotion and creativity (as I've said before, nothing beats humans for creating such content).

Thats all. And thanks for reading my content.