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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Planning to buy a new watch?  

But no idea what type of watch would like to wear?

Well. You're on the right blog. 

If Music has a genre. Watches have it too.

  • Men's Watch Sports and Casual
  • Ladies Watch
  • Teens Watch
  • Kid's Watch

For Men's Watch.

There is Chronograph Watch.

What is Chronograph Watch?

-A Chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch. A basic chronograph has an independent sweep second hand. It can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the stem.

Check this out:

Do you notice those 3 buttons above?
If you press on these buttons and the movement of the watch works, Then that is a Chronograph Watch.

Please be mindful that some watches have 3 buttons but 2 of them are not working thus it's for display purposes only.

For Ladies Watch:

There are 3 types of watch for Ladies.

And many options to choose from.

One of them would be either Leather Strap Watch, Silicon Rubber or the Steel Watch.

For the Leather Watch.
You can check the picture below for your reference. 

For the Silicon Rubber Watch.

You can check this watch below.

For the Steel Case and Strap Watch.
Check this one below.

For Teenager's Watch.

There are 2 types of Watch these days. Especially this generations. We are going on Digital now.

There is Digital SmartWatch.

What is a Digital SmartWatch?
-a mobile device with a touchscreen display, designed to be worn on the wrist.

-The main benefit of a smartwatch is that it keeps you constantly updated without you having to whip out your smartphone.

So Basically. The SmartWatch works only and syncs together with your smartphone.

There is Analog Watch.

Those type of watches that you read above was all analog.

What is Analog Watch?

-Analog watch- It was coined to distinguish analog watches, which had simply been called "watches", from newer digital watches. The name refers to the design of the display, regardless of the timekeeping technology used within the watch.

To keep it simple. Analog Watch uses the timekeeping technology within the watch compared to the SmartWatch on which it relies to your smartphone.

Here are the pictures of a Digital SmartWatch and an Analog Watch.

See the difference? Now you know.

For the Teenage Watch and Kids Watch.

You can check the images below.

For Gentleman's Watch.

Another Ladies Watches.

And for the Kid's Watches.

Tipsy Tips!!

Always Ask!

-Ask the Sales Associate if the Watch is Water Resistant or Water Proof.

What is Water Resistant Watch?

-Water Resistant is a common mark stamped on the back of wrist watches to indicate how well a watch is sealed against the ingress of water. It is usually accompanied by an indication of the static test pressure that a sample of newly manufactured watches was exposed to in a leakage test.

So to make it short. You can use these watches for water splash, washing hands or while taking a shower. 

What is Water Proof Watch?
-You can only use these type of watch for diving. These type of watches can handle the pressure below sea level. Depending how much is the capacity of the watch can handle.

Please visit the website to check the latest collections!

Images credits to Google

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Just so you know:

This is not sponsored blog. It is my intention to post this blog since I love this brand of watch.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

After all these hectic schedules and tiring rota. Still, I was able to manage to visit my Aunt's Wedding Anniversary.

This is my first time to splurge overnight from a 5 Star Property.
I'm talking about the hotel that I stayed for the entire night. 

It's the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan Situated just across the Emirates Palace.
For those who are not familiar with the location. Here's the address;

Corniche Road West, Opposite Emirate Palace - Abu Dhabi

Still confused? Better ask the Taxi Driver to bring you to the Hotel. Don't forget to mention the complete name :)

The Main Entrance of the Hotel

After work, We take a dinner and go straight to the hotel for some celebration.

It was 8 in the evening, Thursday night so it was a rush hour and it's a little bit traffic.
We  arrived at the hotel around 8:30

According to their website. The hotel is very accessible to the biggest shopping centers, museums, and many other leisure destinations. 

For the eta. Please find it below as per their website

  • 5 minutes drive the Marina Mall
  • 10 minutes drive the Khalidiyah Mall
  • 15 minutes drive the Al Wahda Mall
  • 20 minutes drive the Abu Dhabi Mall

I couldn't appreciate the view of the hotel.
For some reasons, the view of our room is currently situated beneath the left side wing.

It's pretty eye-soar as well cause the dust makes the windows a little blurry. Nevertheless, i can still see the view of the sea. (A little bit)

Hello, World :)


My aunt has her own car so we're able to get access to the parking lot.
In order for you to get access from these. The hotel is providing a Secure Card.

Though, this is my first time.I was amazed how they implement these for everyone in the hotel.
From the door entrance at the basement, riding on the lift and of course, opening your room.
You have your own access card.

It's very convenient and secured! Thumbs Up!

How Many Floors?

I forgot! Haha :D Actually, We're on the 21st floor. And I can feel some ear pressure. 

The view from the 21st is VERY ASTONISHING. Trust me.

The Lobby...

First impressions, Last. Yes, no doubt.  I think all complimenting adjective is okay. :)

The room that we had was good for a family. I did not ask my aunt what type of room it was but one thing for sure. It's Very spacious, cozy comes with a small kitchen, living room (it's like an apartment), two washroom and two big rooms that 10 people can sleep.

Trust me. It's worth the price you pay.


21st floor

21st floor

The Amenities...

Well, they provide linens, towels, and bathrobes with a touch of Arabian way. :)

And they do provide an organic soap, which smells good.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

M and MS Company - Mars GCC Invitation

A Sweet Taste of Summer- Chocolate 

Childhood Memories

It's a part of my childhood days. Literally, I inherit this from my father, since he was a chocolate lover too. :D I remember when I was 8 years old. In the middle of the night. I was awakened because of a strange crumbling sound from the kitchen. I peep out to my door's room and I was surprised and realized that it was my Dad, Who is eating a bar of chocolate. The crumbling sound was the plastic of the chocolate. Ha-ha-ha.! 

I thought it was a burglar...Lol... My Dad hides his secret because he doesn't want to make us worried since he was having a Type 2 Diabetes. Which it runs to our blood.  So After discovering that my Dad has this illness. He secretly hides his cravings for chocolate.

Well enough with the drama...Lol...

This blog that I'm going to share is all About Chocolate. Of course...

I'm a regular reviewer of products and services provided by Taskspotting.

TaskSpotting is an app that lets smartphone users look for "missions" in a nearby location using GPS for companies seeking data collected by the end-user. With 300 missions online so far, each mission list tasks to places consumers frequent.

One of their clients is a well-known manufacturer of chocolate products- THE MARS GCC. 

One of the highlighted product was the Galaxy Chocolate Minstrels and Ripple. 

Taskspotting offered me to review the product by sending the chocolates to me.

I received the product. Do the unboxing, taking pictures, giving feedback like how does it taste like, the appearance, the packaging. Same procedure as usual. This has happened a month ago.

Again... I receive an email from Taskspotting saying that I was chosen to be one of the people to visit at MARS GCC. To make a "signature creation" of my own Galaxy chocolate! 

Now that's sweet!


Taskspotting in coordination with MARS GCC provided me a gate pass in order for me to enter the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority also known as JAZFA.
It will take one day for the gate pass to be released.

Moment of truth.

Well, I'm here now!

Hello, Mars! 

The Office of MARS GCC FZE

It is very strict in the JAFZA that taking photograph is not allowed.

I love how the lobby looks like.Very simple and the wall? It's written the 5 Things that the company always do to its people, consumer and about the product. It's like similar to vision and mission perhaps? And of course the pictures of M&M'S A mini Camel wrap into a packaging of snickers, bounty and other Mars product. I want to take a selfie but... You know it's not allowed.. #Sad :D 

There was a beverage machine as well in which you can choose any of the beverages that you want to drink. I choose the espresso. Other options were the galaxy chocolate and more.Pretty cool.

I cannot take a picture of the lobby because it is not allowed. Again.. #Sad

We're only 3 people invited. Supposed to be it was 4 including my friend but for some reasons, she did not make it. 

Four people from the Mars Team assisted us during the entire session. One of them is Mr. Yann Hocquel -a Galaxy Product Innovation Scientist on Mars. 

He introduced and discuss the history of the chocolate, how does the chocolate was made of and how do they process it. Stuff like that.

Very informative indeed. After a few mins of discussions. We started to create our own signature creations.

One of them assisted us in preparing the molder, the toppings, and the liquid chocolate.

The more the better :)

There is a mini tempering machine where we can get the liquid chocolate.

"Mini Tempering Machine"-or a jargon buster.  As far as I understand. It's a small machine that a liquid chocolate is stored inside, swirling and comes out into a faucet like a shape preset with a required temperature. Then the cycle repeats itself. Of course, there is a purpose why they kept it there.

Check out this link. "What is a tempering machine" for your reference. :)

Let's do this!!

The Tray Molder, Toppings, and The Liquid Chocolate

looks who is messing around? JK. :D

After molding the chocolate, We put it in the freezer and waited for some time.

Meanwhile one of the Sensory Panelist discussed how does our taste buds works. 
She also discussed the 5th taste buds which are the "Umami".

Sensory Panelist

She conducts a taste test of different chocolate brands as well.

She also discusses how does inhaling affects our taste. *something like that

She also discusses the "liquor" which can be found in the cocoa.

Types of "Liquor" 
After 15 mins...

Moment of truth!!

This is my own Signature Creation 

Custom Chocolate 😃

..with a shape of ice cream cone... 

Here's the rest of the pictures.

Enjoy! :)

And of course the group picture :)

They gave us a bag of chocolates too!

I love it!!

Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Readers Discretion: This blog is sponsored by Taskspotting. A visit to the headquarters of MARS GCC- Dubai UAE.

For more information about Galaxy Products.
You can visit the website
Or know more about Mars. Click here

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Next time again :)