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Sunday, March 5, 2023


Nintendo Switch OLED Review After 2 Months | Doramode Digital 2023

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and welcome back to another tech review.

Finally, I Have One!

I recently purchased a Nintendo Switch OLED last January. I recently uploaded an unboxing video to my Youtube channel. You can check the link here

Nintendo Switch Initial Launch

The first launch of Nintendo Switch was dated back in March 2017. And the hype was so insane. It was tagged as $299. Coming from a family of playing super Mario on a Nintendo Family Computer (yes We have that one at home) and I have the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy SP as well. I thought I might purchase the newly launched Nintendo Switch. But there's a drawback! The first switch display is LCD and it's not OLED!. That makes me think of sticking to my iPhone playing Mobile Legends rather than purchasing it as my vision is getting used to eye-popping OLED displays.

Hello, Nintendo 2023!

So I skipped that part. And fast forward to today 2023. I decided to purchase the NEW NINTENDO SWITCH OLED. And voila! It never disappoints me. The OLED screen is an eye grabber and the switch controller has an HD rumble (a  haptic feedback engine hidden inside the Joy-Con and Pro Controller) adding the gaming experience better! (though the first switch has an HD rumble, the experience is really different with the OLED display) 

First Impression...Feels Plasticky?

Though I find that the controller is plasticky and it wiggles a bit when connected to the console. Still, it's vulnerable to "Joy-Con Drift" ( a term for joysticks acting as though they are being tilted in a particular direction even when they are not.) If you purchase as well a separate joy con controller as that cost you much as 70 dollars (AED to USD exchange rate at the moment online), that depends on the brand or Nintendo itself.

Regional Settings Issue. And the Technical Stuff...

I am living in Abu Dhabi UAE and I'm not able to download some games via Nintendo E-Shop the only way for me to download them is to find a solution by changing the region and all. It's very technical so I will leave it here. To make it short, I was able to download some free games such as OVERWATCH 2 (I'm addicted to it! ) and Fortnite.

Pricey Games!

Most of my friends would think that Super Mario is free to download. But it's not! And you very rare for Nintendo to run some offers or discounts on Super Mario games. There are plenty of free games which you can download at the Nintendo E-Shop though most of them need an internet connection to play on.

It happens that Little Nightmares 1 and 2 are on sale and I purchased their digital version. And speaking of purchases. The Nintendo Switch OLED internal memory is 64GB versus their previous 32GB storage and there is a micro sd card slot in the console's back compartment. I purchased an extra 64 GB on top of its internal storage and its expandable to up to 2TB of storage.

I decided to purchase the physical version of SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD + BOWSER FURY. I got a deal on amazon and it cost me $40. It is much cheaper than the digital version which costs about $60. Very expensive. But upon playing the Super Mario 3D World. I now realized why it is very expensive. The gaming quality overall is superb and one thing is for sure. They spent millions of dollars just to create a game that is enjoyable and fun. And I bet $60 is all worth it. But I'm still hoping that they can run a discount.

The Gameplay Experience is Absolutely Great!

My favorite part as well as the console's dock it allows the user to display Nintendo Switch gameplay on the television. By docking the switch on it and you can remove as well the joy-con and connect it to the joy-con grip. I'm using the joy-con grip to play Overwatch 2 and Asphalt 9 as the joy-con has a built-in gyro sensor. While the switch is connected to the dock, It is simultaneously charged at the same time. And the new switch dock has a built LAN Port which the previous dock doesn't have. So if you wish to play an intensive game that needed a robust internet connection, then they decided to put a LAN port. That's a plus from Nintendo. 

The Battery quality of the console is okay. Not great really. I spent most of my time playing Overwatch on the go. And approximately it last up to 6 hours of battery usage and yet I still have 30% left when I reached home.

For your reference, here's what is inside the box of Nintendo Switch OLED. 

Nintendo Switch console

Nintendo Switch dock

1 Joy-Con™ (L) controller, 1 Joy-Con™ (R) controller

2 Joy-Con™ wrist strap accessories

Joy-Con grip accessory

Nintendo Switch AC adapter

HDMI cable

So. Do I recommend the Nintendo Switch OLED to purchase this 2023?

If you have the budget to purchase games aside from the free ones. Searching for a better OLED Screen with decent battery life. The portability. It's a YES for me!

Thanks for reading my tech review of Nintendo Switch OLED and I'll see you again next time!