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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Internet Business - Affiliate Partner Program - Klook


Internet Business

(Discount Travel)

Discover and book amazing things to do at exclusive prices

  • Handpicked Experienced
  • Best Price Guaranteed - up to 60% off
  • Seamless and Safe Booking- Hassle Free E-Ticket Entry

On my previous blog. I discussed what is Affiliate Partner Program.

On this article, I am going to share another Affiliate Partner.

Who is this Company?

This is Klook (Klook Travel Technology)

- An online travel agency. Which offers discount travel,  tours and activities, attractions and things to do wherever you are. 

Top Destinations

Some of the Top Destinations that they featured out on their website are:

Hongkong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka

They offer packaged services from East Asia to North America. And the list of the countries goes on and on.

Popular Activities

They also offer a lot of popular activities.
Some of them are being featured out on their website.
And the price is affordable compared to other travel agencies that I have checked online.

Travel Inspiration

They have 3 head offices which are located in Hongkong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Affiliate Partnership

I received an email regarding the affiliate partnership. And it's such a great honor to become an Affiliate Partner with them.

As an affiliate partner, I have my own personal manager who will guide me through the entire partnership. So whatever problems might arise or any inquiries, I can ask for a help from her.

Klook - provided me a credential to my affiliate account.

And I was able to get access to my account and set up my ad code as easy as 1,2,3.

Whats Inside of the Affiliate Account

Here are some of the screenshots for your reference.

Visit the website Klook

enter your credentials and log in as a publisher. 
Wait for the page to load.

Log in Page

This is the home page of my account.
On this section,  It will show what are Affiliate Tools that you might want to use and to apply on your blog.


The Dashboard is straightforward. You can browse other relevant settings that you might want to update in case.
Main Dashboard

This is the Account Section wherein your personal information is currently stored.
It is divided into 3 sections.

My Info- Where your basic information is listed and your settlement currency as you preferred exchange payout.

Take note that when you update your preferred currency, make sure to decide immediately as this is permanently set.

My Info

The next section is the Financial info.
You can decide which type of money account transfer you want to use.
You have to options. Either Paypal or your Bank.

As for me, I am using Paypal. 

Financial Info

My Sites- Wherein your website is listed and it shows the status of your website which is approved.

My Site (Website Admin)

My Ads- This section shows the real-time monitoring of the ads that you have placed on your website.

Ad List- This section shows the list of your ad codes that you have created.

Ad List

Ad Performances- This section shows how many clicks and impressions have been counted for weeks and months. Details for impressions, click, CTR. Paid orders and so on can be found here.

Ad Performances
Performances- This shows the overall commision amount, past orders and returned orders.


Order List - This section will provide the details about the confirmed customers who already paid and booked the said activity of tour package. And the list of the customers purchased. Overall this will be calculated on your commision.
Order List

Settlement Records- The word itself. This section will show how much was your total revenue, commision and your total paid out.

Settlement Records

The last section will be the self-service help section.
For the Commision Rates- I cannot disclose this as this is purely confidential.

If you want to book any activity in your area or want to wander to another place, feel free to check my affiliate link here. You can check the klook banner on my blog site :) 

And lastly, feel free to use my promo code to get more discount on your first booking!

Please Note Paypal Account holders in the United States can enjoy using this code twice a month!
 Enjoy a great discount and have fun!

Thank you for reading:)

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Note: You can check my other site for you to see the affiliate ads at Ceddy's Random.