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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Internet Business - What is Affiliate Partner Program?

What is Affiliate Partner Program?


 Internet Business

Studying and Deciding..

I read a lot of articles regarding this program. And I am quite hesitant to try it for some reason.

I've been blogging some products and services yet I don't get that much in return particularly when it comes to monetization of my blog.

So, I decided to do some research about Affiliated Program. And give it a shot.

How does Affiliated Program work?

Commonly known as an associate program. Which I'm having right now,  as an Amazon Associate.

To keep it simple, it is a relationship in which a merchant pays you as the affiliate for your links to his site. The affiliate is paid only with certain percentage whatever the amount is when an actual sale is made by the merchant as a result of your link.
Souq Affiliates

Now you know

Example = A site visitor saw the affiliate ads on your blog, the customer was interested in the new iPhone X  currently advertised (for example). Then the customer clicks the ad. It will be redirected to the merchant's website showing the new iPhone X, with specs and all. If the customer decided to purchase it and proceed to check out. Automatically, the Affiliate will earn a commision from it. However, it depends on how much would be the percentage. That's it. Bang for your buck.

Earning revenue from the ads on my blog is very helpful. It's a passive income for me.
But it would be better if I can do affiliate partnership as well.

So I decided to get in partnership with the biggest and leading platform for E-Commerce in the Middle East covering UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

This is - An Amazon Company
Or commonly known as for the publisher's hub. They call it Souq Affiliates.

Easily as 1,2,3

Upon signing up. They approved it immediately and I was able to create and customize ads to my blog. 

This is the mobile site for Souq Affiliates Hub

Main Menu- Dash Board

Souq Affiliates Hub in Mobile 
The Souq affiliates are mobile friendly, that you can customize your ads that you want to show on your blog.

Dash Board

Souq Affiliates Dashboard

Souq Affiliates Dashboard

On this section,  called as Affiliate Dashboard, You can monitor in real time, how many clicks, confirmed orders and pending orders. It's very straightforward and accessible from any mobile.

Marketing Tools

You have the option to switch from javascript to ad code. Still, depends on your blog site compatibility.

This section is the part wherein you can customize any ads you might want to post in your website. 

Product Banners

Product Search

Product Link

Search Bar

Monitoring of Earnings

You can monitor how much was your earning weekly or monthly. Or whatever the day you want to know about. Just enter the period from starting date and the ending date.

Tags Report

What is a tag? jargon buster for affiliates, it is a customizable code wherein you are going to apply to a specific ad. On Tags report, you can monitor how many times the visitor clicks the ad.

This is just a start in fruitful partnership with Souq Affiliates and hoping to get more commisions from them.

As for me, I decided to customize my ads affiliate code.

Check it out.

That's all for know and see you on my next blog.

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Note: You can check my other site for you to see the affiliate ads at Ceddy's Random.