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Monday, September 4, 2023


Rokinon 85M-E 85 mm F1.4 Fixed Lens - Is it worth to buy?

Technology One Leap Ahead...

As the technology moves forward, the photography industry is also innovating, offering a wide variety of smartphones that provide unique advanced optics.

3 of the big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are on the rise and filling the gap that traditional cameras can offer.

However, that doesn't stop the third-party lenses for mirrorless and DSLR cameras from offering such incredible lenses. 

Trying the Alternative...

I am always using the camera of my iPhone, from on-the-spot usage to travel vlogging, it is very convenient and easy to carry, not to mention its discreet size.

On the other side, I have a Sony Alpha A6100 as well which is perfect for vlogging and taking still shots. But I rarely use it, the disadvantage is that it is bulky, and it's not handy if you use it for a period of time. 
However, one thing that I love about this camera even if it is not a full-frame sensor (cropped sensor only) is that you can change the lens and use another e-mount lens. 

I wanted to step up my photography skills and take more portrait shots (although the iPhone takes good nice portrait shots) Still the results of using advanced ONLY optics are much better.

Purchasing Decision Matters...

After researching, I decided to purchase a manual f1.4 lens. A brand that is excellent in this field is no other than Rokinon- A South Korean Brand. 

In order for me to get that stunning portrait shot with a crisp blurry background. I chose the f1.4 lens. Compared to the kit lens from Sony, which is f3.5 (ideal for normal use). The f1.4 Rokinon with a range of 85mm lens is outstanding. Although it takes time for me to adjust to manual focus, it is pretty easy to control the focus and the depth of field. 

The standard kit lens of my Sony camera has a built-in stabilizer and autofocus, so derived from its name, it is easy for me to take still shots as it automatically chooses the object. Unlike the Rokinon which is manual focus, it took me a few seconds to adjust and focus on the subject.

Sony Standard f3.5 kit lens (left) and Rokinon f1.4 85mm lens (right)

Here are some sample photos taken using the Rokinon Lens

All Images are raw files and enhanced via Adobe Lightroom

The Cons of the Rokinon Lens...

This is not ideal for sports portrait shots as this lens is exclusive only for portrait still shots. 

When it comes to portability, this is where my standard kit lens from Sony wins. It is small, compact, and lightweight. Compared to Rokinon. This lens is a beast, and heavy too!

Pros as well...

Regardless of its downside for portability, the price of the Rokinon lens is way more affordable compared to its competitors. I purchased it on Amazon for only 524 AED or about 143 USD.

So, the verdict. 

Do I recommend this lens?

Yes! if you prefer still shots and a crisp blurry background it is budget-friendly. 

Thanks for reading my blog and I'll see you again next time! 


Monday, August 28, 2023


Wifi 6- What's the hype and is it worth it?

We live in the digital age and must rely on the fastest and safest Wi-Fi connection. As the years went by, new technologies were introduced to the market and one of the latest Wi-Fi Systems was the Wi-Fi 6.

Most of you need to be made aware of what type of Wi-Fi connection you are currently connected to, and usually, this new technology is kept low-key but gives you the reassurance of privacy and advanced features.

For this content, I will share what is Wi-Fi 6 and whether is it really worth it? 
For those who are not tech enthusiasts, I will try my best to explain it in a nutshell and avoid some jargon (or probably less jargon, lol).

Wifi What?

It was developed to address the increasing demands on wireless networks due to the growing number of devices, data-heavy applications, and the need for more reliable connections in congested environments.

How to know if I'm connected?

Most of the new smartphones including the iPhone 13 Pro and later, and the flagship Android smartphone has a built-in Wi-Fi 6. 

For iPhone models, there is no indicator that you are connected to a network that has a Wi-Fi 6 system, however, for Android smartphones, especially Samsung, there is an indicator for Wi-Fi 6 at the corner of the screen. It usually appears as an icon of Wi-Fi with a looping 6 on it. 

The latest Macbook Air and Pro M1 and M2 SOC have built-in Wi-Fi 6. Curious to know what Wi-Fi 6 settings look like on your Macbook, head on to: 

Apple Icon (top left corner) ➔ About Mac ➔ System Report ➔ Network ➔ Wifi 

Then you will see the "Supported PHY Modes" which is 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax

Where to find Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is mostly being used in crowded areas such as malls, crowded stadiums, airports, or public places.

Is it secured?

Since I mentioned about security, Wi-Fi 6 offers enhanced WPA3. WPA3 is more advanced. It is designed to provide encrypted data transfer and communication networks that don't provide passwords (like in malls and airports). 

What about the data speed and transfer?

Watching 4k and 8K content via Wi-Fi 6 delivers multi-gigabit internet speeds and less buffer at all. So if you are watching 4K 60 FPS HDR content on Youtube. The chances of buffer are very less and delivers smooth and buttery video. Nonetheless, watching regular content at normal resolution is okay. 

Wifi 6- Is it worth it

In summary, Wi-Fi 6 is a significant advancement in wireless networking technology that focuses on providing faster speeds, improved capacity, and better performance in crowded environments. It addresses the challenges posed by the increasing number of devices and data-hungry applications in today's digital world.

Friday, August 11, 2023

 iPhone 14 Pro Max 6 Months Long Term Review

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and I am back again for another long-term tech review.
And I am going to share my long-term use of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. I choose the limited edition color of deep purple.

Switching from iPhone 13 Pro Max to 14 Pro Max

As you may know, I recently switched from iPhone 11 to 13 Pro Max last year. I've been using the 13 Pro Max for almost a year and decided to switch to the 14 Pro Max 6 months ago.

The overhyped marketing of the 14 Pro Max "Dynamic Island" and its feel-so-good marketing are one of the few reasons why I switched to their new flagship. 

I know it's not practical these days to go with the trend especially if the device that you are using is still working perfectly. But as a tech enthusiast, I took a gamble and decided to trade in my 13 Pro Max limited edition Alpine Green. Surprisingly, with almost a year of usage down to 96 percent of its battery life, I am still impressed that the value of trading it is still high compared to its predecessor's Android. I was able to trade in for the value of $405 compared to my original purchase of worth $805. That's half of the value of a year-old flagship device. Do note that upon selling my device, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is selling like a hotcake.

For some reason, I was not able to make an unboxing video due to the system constraints of my old Macbook before. 

The Dynamic Island- An Overhyped Marketing?

Well, I was so deeply impressed by the way Apple integrated this new type of technology into their product. The People from its human design interface division invested a lot to innovate. A small pill shape notch that some people would ignore it. Apple decided to utilize this feature so that instead of leaving it on standby, instead, people would interact with it. Though it's a pretty gimmicky feature, this pill-shaped interactive feature was not new at all. I remember the release of the LG V10 way back in October 2015. They have a similar feature but instead of having a small pill shape design, LG V10 comes with a small line bar on the top beside its earpiece. In my opinion, that didn't go well as planned. Apple has almost similar approach as per my observation. The only difference is how Apple innovates this technology. Their marketing is so good that the existing features seem to be new to everyone and people would really entice to get one. 

LG V10 via Phone Arena

For the first month of using the device, the fun intuitive, and interactive dynamic island works perfectly with a buttery smooth animation depending on which app you will use. For example, Spotify, if you wish to minimize the app, instead of the usual closing down transition of the app, the application goes up to the dynamic island mimicking a " genie in the bottle" effect. It works perfectly that you might want to do it all over, very satisfying. The same goes for the timer in the stock app. The dynamic island is open for developers wanting to integrate their app for whatever reason they wanted to. Some local app that has a feature integrated with the island is real-time tracking. If I wish to order food or grocery online, with the help of always-on display (AOD) and dynamic island, I can easily view what's the ETA of my order in real time. 

So far, there are a few apps that I used that do support the dynamic island, but as time goes by, there would be more additional apps would be joining.  As per my experience, using the dynamic island is cool but  I rarely use it afterward since interacting with the pill shape design can get a lot of smudges or fingerprints that can cause blurry images while taking a selfie since the front camera is aligned with the dynamic island, but this can be rectified by just cleaning the front lens easily. 

Front and Main Camera- Is it worth the upgrade?

Speaking of the front camera. The front camera now has a built-in autofocus with an enhanced portrait feature channeling to f1.4 for the depth of field. I'm not going to deep dive into all its camera specs, but as a person using the camera every day. I don't see any major changes with its main camera, though some specs have some changes, for me, it is just the same as adding the telephoto lens from its main camera has some great advantages especially if you are taking some still portrait shots that distance is really needed. Overall, the camera division of the iPhone is always great. The video quality is great too adding Dolby features, 4K, and all.

The ALWAYS ON DISPLAY- Finally! A deal breaker!

I mentioned above as well about the Always On Display (AOD). Among other iPhones. This is the first iPhone that utilizes the AOD feature, though android devices have been using this feature for a very long time, Apple finally utilized this feature.  My Samsung M52 5G has a built-in AOD. But it really amazed me how Apple uses it differently. For my M52, the AOD remains pitch black showing the text which is needed. But for the 14 Pro Max, AOD is still active but it is not sacrificing the true color of the wallpaper. It's impressive.

Battery Performance- Devour tasks but sips a little

Battery Life is always a swift, devouring task and sips a little. I charged my phone 100% in the morning around 10 AM going to work, and when I reached home by 10 PM, I still have 30% remaining battery and the battery health is at the highest peak of 100%. 

The A16 Bionic IS A BEAST!

Performance wise. I don't see any lags while using the device. Although it tends to get a bit warm when playing intense graphic games such as Genshin Impact, League of Legends, and Mobile Legends. I joined the beta program for iOS 17 and I noticed that it lags sometimes, not because of its processor which is the  Hexacore Apple A16 Bionic processor. The processor is a beast. Adding the 120hz refresh rate. All work flawlessly without any hiccups. I am enjoying watching youtube shorts and Instagram reels on this device, one of the reasons is the 120hz refresh rate. Everything moves so well and it is buttery. 

Built Quality- It's OKAY

The overall built quality is great though Apple used a stainless steel frame (previous iPhones use aluminum) and the 14 Pro Max is protected with a ceramic shield. My iPhone fell off a few times but with a protective casing (of course) yet it's still working perfectly. The 14 pro max is IP68 certified which means it can withstand submersion in water up to a maximum of 6 meters for 30 minutes and is dust resistant. I know it is not advisable to use your device inside the shower. But I always bring my phone, ever since I started using iPhone 11 onwards, I don't see any issues at all.  Though some experts would advise that the longer you use your device in the shower the chances of condensation will occur because of the warm water from the heater. I don't recommend bringing your devices either in the shower (but I do, haha)

So do I recommend the iPhone 14 Pro Max? 

A tricky answer. Yes, if you are using an old iPhone (not the 13 Pro Max). They have almost features minus the AOD and the dynamic island. It's worth the upgrade coming from an old iPhone.

No. If you are using the 13 Pro Max, which I used to have. But, if you have some extra money to shell out. Why not? 

Overall, if your device is still in perfect condition, can take good photos and devour tasks as you need. It's not necessarily to upgrade. Again, it's up to you. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you again!



Friday, August 4, 2023


Macbook Air 2020 M1 (Model A2237) First-Hand Impression and Quick Review

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and I am back for another tech review. And for today's content, I am about to share my first-hand impression of the new Macbook with SOC processor.

This is Macbook Air 2020 with an M1 processor. As you may know, I recently purchase its brother Macbook Air 2020 with a different processor of  Intel Iris Plus Graphics i3 processor. To learn more about this intro spec laptop, head to this link.

So far this is the third Macbook that I had. Adding the iMac 2017 which still I'm using this far at home. The first one was a Macbook 2015 with an i3 dual-core processor and packing up with a 256 SSD, which I used for more than 6 years. As the battery started to weaken and with the demands of the processor from the apps which I used. I decided to purchase the latest Macbook Air 2020 5 months ago. 

For some reason, the tasks and the software tools that I used got a major update, right after my Macbook has some difficulty processing the tasks which leads to its fan making a lot of noise. Slight editing and rendering via Apple Final Cut Pro or developing some X-Codes metadata will freeze for a matter of minutes that I need to restart it. This affects my day-to-day productivity and my submissions of my projects got delayed. Streaming via OBS to Facebook, Youtube or Twitch has seen a major dropped frame and a lot of CPU usage. I am using an internet speed at home of 500 Mbps of download and 400 Mbps upload. Despite tweaking the obs settings, still, the lagging issues remain the same. I overestimated its specs since it's only for basic usage.

However, just basic browsing the net, video streaming has no issues at all. I decided to send my Macbook 2020 with Intel graphics plus in the Philippines. Right after a few months of using it.

And then I take the leap. Before purchasing the Macbook Air M1 2020 (A2237), I watched a ton of reviews. Especially the review of Marques Brownlee. Most of the reviews that I've watched and read were positive.  This Macbook that I purchased comes with specs of 8 Gigabyt of unified memory (RAM), has a 256 solid-state drive (SSD), and the Apple M1 Chip that brings incredible performance, with power efficiency.

Due to the excitement, I unboxed it without pressing the record button of my camera. And that sucks! I know! Hahaha. But no worries, I took some pictures the same day when I unboxed it.

Aesthetic Packaging

I purchased my Macbook at (e-commerce which is based here in The United Arab Emirates) 

Truly to see on its packaging. Simplicity is beauty. Who else wouldn't get excited to unbox an Apple product? I bet all of you can be excited! 

What's in the box?

Well, of course, the 13-inch Macbook Air with M1 Chip. I love the color. It's space gray! Contrary to the previous Macbook, my first Macbook 2015 comes with a glowing Apple logo on its back. That's the last Macbook with a glowing logo on it. 2016 and later started with an aluminum body design. Apple didn't give any reason why they discontinued it but some speculations might be about the production cost or it was done for design reasons.

USB-C Cable (Yes!) But I wish they implemented the Magsafe charger. I like it and it's easy to connect to the port magnetically. But it is what it is. Apple later this year bring back the Magsafe charge on its new Macbook Air 2023 15-inch model.

30 Watt power brick. Yes, it's normal for Apple to provide a decent power brick but I hope they can provide a faster charging brick. Needless to say. It's decent and can charge the device instantly. 

Some documentations. Oh, I don't know how to operate my new Macbook. I guess I'll be needing this to read on. (hahah just kidding)

And the infamous Apple stickers. They partnered with the color of the Macbook to its stickers. So they included space gray stickers.

And here's the Beasty! Have a look.

So far, when it comes to the design, there was no change at all. All that you've seen from my previous Macbook Air 2020 with i3 is the same. Except for the color and its processing ability. Switching on the Macbook for the very first time, there is juice for about 40%. Performance to watt is one of the highlights of the new M1 SoC. 

Photo: Apple

In a nutshell, it gives you a robust and efficient usage of the system with a little sip of its power. As previously mentioned. My Intel Macbook has a hard time processing its tasks which leads to battery consumption and the high noise fan takes its capacity to cool down the system.

Speaking of noise, the Macbook M1 works silently. Yes! you heard it right. With its new thermal technology, the M1 can deliver efficient processing without noise. 

I started to export videos via Da Vinci Resolve, opened multiple tabs via Chrome (which consumes a lot of rams), safari browser, and streamed via OBS. And I did not hear any fan (because there is nothing haha) or any rising temperatures! It's cold as the temperature of my room! Comparing this to my previous Macbook with Intel, I guess it's already freezing. Battery-wise, it's better than my previous one. Writing this content was about 2 hours and I left home with 90 percent battery and now it's 81%.

I was surprised! Truly it's a wonderful machine. If you are looking for a laptop to edit your videos, photoshops, or live streaming via obs. Then this laptop is the best recommendation. 

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and I'll see you again next time!


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Macbook Air Retina 13 Inches with Intel Iris Plus Graphics First Impression

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and I am back for another quick first-impression review of the Macbook Air Retina 13 inches with Intel Iris Plus Graphics.

Throwback 2015

I purchased my very first Macbook Air way back in 2015, and I completely fell in love with it. As an Apple user, I've been hooked on the Apple ecosystem since then. I've been using that old MacBook for 7 years now, and as Apple releases new software updates, my Macbook works fluidly as it feels new. However, as time goes on, I have to upgrade the software tools which I am using for video editing on my vlogs and for my projects. And as the software updates itself, some features that's been currently added are no longer supported on my old MacBook, the optimization which I am expecting didn't manage my expectations and it takes hours and hours for me to render a 4-minute video, as you may know, MacBook specs are also crucial and is needed for the Final Cut Pro to work fluidly but my 2015 Macbook Air can no longer handle these tasks and it is now completely showing some aging as well and its performance is quite slow now.

Which is which?

Then I decided to purchase a new Macbook Air 2020. My original plan was to purchase the Macbook Air M1 (Silicon Chip) this is a system on a chip made exclusively by Apple on its own devices such as the Macbook 2022 lineup and above. It is commonly known as Soc, Soc architecture is also being used in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch devices, Airpods, Airtag, and Homepod. Since I'm on a tight budget, I made some research and watched some youtube reviews, and finally decided to buy their 2020 LineupSeries.

Intel means integral or is it?

Intel has been an integral part of the Macbook lineup since day 1.  In a nutshell, the M1 processor is power efficient enough to handle tasks compared to its Intel processors. But in my opinion, as long as it is working perfectly and can handle any tasks, that would be fine for me. So I choose the i3 Intel Dual Core with Iris Graphics. 

The keyboard is mighty swift!

So far, this is my second day of using it while writing this blog. Typing on the keyboard is swift, it is so comfortable that I can't stop typing. Compared to my old 2015 Macbook Air, this keyboard, which they market as the "Magic Keyboard" works flawlessly, no wonder they called it like that, its precise typing experience is enhanced by a "scissor typed keyboard", as you may know, 2019 and previous Macbook Pro and Air lineup has been controversial due to its butterfly keyboard and they had to shell out $50 Million to its customers affected by the unreliable typing surface, these customers who purchased between 2015 and 2019 in 7 states in the US. So far my 2015 Macbook Air butterfly keyboard is not faulty at all until today. 

Aesthetic-that is all

Built and quality-wise, It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The color of my previous MacBook Air is Silver and I opted to choose the same color. It's very catchy to the eye especially if you are using it outdoors. 

LED? A defo upgrade indeed

The lid is almost thin and creamed up with a pitch-black surface. And the screen? oh well, it's LED Retina -IPS display, this is a major upgrade for me since my eyes are completely used to LCD retina display. The display of this Macbook is perfect for binge-watching on Netflix. Though I find it difficult to see some viewing accuracy outdoors as it is prone to light reflection on the screen as you can see below.

And one more thing...

All of the features I love of my previous MacBook Air adding the new Touch ID is completely bang for my bucket. Seamless experience when logging in to any site, paying online via Apple Pay is a breeze with authentication via touch i.d. 

Work like a magic

The trackpad has some new features as well, including touch force, and pressure-sensitive drawing, and the backlit keyboard remains the same. There is something in the trackpad itself that it feels so good to use. The pressure vibration response is oddly satisfying.

Aesthetic or another cash to spend?

The only thing which I feel bad about this device is the lack of a MagSafe charging port. It is easy to attach the Magsafe while charging but on this particular MacBook Air, they opted to put a 2 USB-C thunderbolt port on the left side and a 3.5 mm headset jack on the right side.  Ideally, it's very pleasing to the eye and kind of aesthetic to see few coms on it, but come on Apple, you can do better. I mean, aesthetically, it's great. No more ports, less is more as they say. However,  I can not use my other accessories which are mainly USB-A type. And sad to say, you are needed to purchase some accessories which are compatible with Macbook Air ONLY. So another is spent on these unnecessary accessories. But who cares? Apple users would do anything, I suppose? 

All-day battery indeed

Battery-wise, so far the battery is efficient. I charged it for about almost 2 hours and I've been using it for about 4 hours now straight, writing a review about it. from 100% down to 85% while Im wrapping up my review at this point. 


So, if you may ask me. Is the Macbook Air 2020 worth purchasing this 2023? Yes, absolutely. If you are just like me, editing videos, binge-watching on Prime or Netflix, and casually browsing the internet. This is the Macbook Air for you. Its weight is 1.29 kg. The thinness and its portability do their job very well.

Thanks for reading my first impression and I'll see you again on my next blog.