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Sunday, September 4, 2016


CineRoyal at Khalidiya Mall Review

Been A Long Time

It's been a long time that I was not able to make a blog...

Anyways. I would like to share my experience watching in cinemas here in the UAE.

If I'm in the mood to watch some good movies. I just go straight to the nearest mall, which is easy and very accessible in the place that I'm staying.

Way back in the  Philippines. I always watch movies together with my family during holidays and sometimes together with some bunch of friends...or else...Just alone..lols.  I get used to it with gigantic screens and IMAX as well.

But I was surprised when I tried to watch a 3D Movie from one of the cinemas abroad.
I'm expecting a much bigger screen since they are more advanced when it comes to this stuff.

One thing that I'm going to blog right now is The CineRoyal located at Khalidiyahmall Abu Dhabi UAE.
One advantage of buying a ticket is online. Since I still have a balance on my PayPal account. I was thinking about what I'm going to used to it. And since I'm on a rest day from work. So I decided to search some website that offers voucher in exchange of paypal payment.

So i found this website . And I found out that CineRoyal accepts cobone vouchers.
So i proceed the payment and so on. I got the voucher.

For more info about cobone vouchers. You can visit

The Main Entrance.
So...To make it short. I already print out the voucher and present it to the counter and they provided a ticket and a free snack.

Of course. Watching movie with drinks and popcorn is a must!

large is better, isn't it? :)

Some cinemas in the Philippines, Offers a regular drink and regular pop corn. But i was surprised! All snack are provided with large servings! How awesome right? :D Thumbs UP!

Popcorn Overload!

This is the Hallway going to the cinema.
Its quite blurry cause my hands are shaking
(I'm holding the drinks and the popcorn btw..haha)

So far. My overall experienced watching in CineRoyal is 8 out of 10 :)
The Cinema screen is quite small compared to other cinemas that I've tried.
I was expecting a bigger screen though.

The staffs are friendly and very accommodating. The ambiance of the place is very nice.
And I'm comfortable. The Air condition in the cinema is great. Not cold and not warm.
Its just enough to make me feel comfortable watching the movie.

After watching, I still have some time to take some interior of the Khalidiya Mall.
So here it goes...

Those very intricate tiles..

Web perhaps? or I'm just thinking of something else..

Okay.... That Arabic font.. great!

Front Side of the Khalidiya Mall

Second Entrance

That's the main entrance.


and this..

and did i say they provide a large drink? :D

Thanks for your time in reading this blog. :)

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Thanks and see you on my Next Blog.. :)