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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Oh, Hello There!

Hey Guys, Ceddy here. And I am here for another review.

And for today's tech review. I am sharing my experience using the best Youtube Service provider.

I always wanted to find ways to reach my audience and gain higher retention on my Youtube Channel.

Two months ago, I found a reliable and legit company that sells Youtube Services.

And the website is...

This website is QQTUBE. At first, I was quite hesitant to try their service as I was scammed last time. And lesson learned , I said to myself that I will never ever try this service as some of them are a bunch of scams. I was browsing on the internet on how to find ways to increase audience retention, and I stumble to their website shortly. At first, I am quite hesitant to try their service. Then that's the time I made a research about their service and feedback, I checked their rating at TRUST PILOT - A consumer review website.

And I was surprised that QQTUBE has a high satisfaction rating of 80%.

Confused...Undecided but...

So, I tried it. If you are undecided to invest your hard-earned money, All I can say is, Don't hesitate to try there service.  QQTUBE provides an offer trial that Includes 1000 pageviews in your Youtube Channel or you have the option to choose on their other service offer for free. Take note that this is a one time offer only.

They've been in the business since 2013. Delivering customer experience and satisfaction. They have an in-house customer support specialist. Which I'm going to discuss later on this post.

Free Trial...Impressive

I  tried their free offer upon signing up. The very easy user interface or you can call it dashboard. A step by step process on how to integrate your youtube video for you to activate the service.  And to my surprise, they have delivered what they promised. I got the 1,000 page views after 24 hours.

As a small youtube content creator, I want to make sure that all my content is being suggested by Youtube. And I am so thankful that QQTUBE helps me to achieve my goal. They delivered what they promise.

And the result...

There was a significant change in my channel analytics, the impressions and how they led to watch time.

I ordered multiple Youtube services with them for a month, I invest and to the result were impressive, and I can see a huge change in my audience retention afterward. And the fact that QQTUBE Service fees are relatively affordable compared to its competitor.

The expectation is a must...

What I like the most with QQTUBE, Is that they deliver the service on time. I was so devastated and paranoid to try again for this kind of youtube service as what happened before. But it changes my perspective. I am definitely will be using their service!

Is it affordable?...

The minimum deposit is 10 dollars. And they accept major credit and debit cards, as for me. I use two of my debit cards. And the transfer of money to my tube account was quick. A receipt of your order will be emailed as well.

Here are some of my recent orders:

Customer Support is AMAZING!...

And I would like to say Thank you and shout out to KIM. One of QQTUBE's staff. He answered all my queries and one of the best staff support from QQTUBE.

Apart from Youtube Service, they also offer services from Facebook, Reddit to Tik Tok.

Since my mainstream module is Youtube. The majority of the orders that I placed are on Youtube views.

To know more about QQTUBE and how they can help you out, click this link :)


So if you may ask me. Do I recommend QQTUBE?

The answer is YES!

Thanks for reading my review.

If you may ask anything, feel free to comment below :)

Till next time...