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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Hello Everyone! Its been a few months since the last time that I wrote content.


I was so busy focusing on my Facebook Page, for the past months, I was able to create more video content. It’s not that I already skipped writing and leave it like that, but there are just some things that I have to prioritize for some time. 


I am going to share what is my insight and my opinion (reality check) on having your own Facebook page having it monetized. Facebook is enticing creators from Youtube to switch to the social media giant. But is it worth the try? Well here's my insight into Facebook.

This is the Facebook Page Monetization: Pros and Cons


Let's dig in with the Pros.


  • You are getting more exposure to the ecosystem of Facebook and you're totally locked from it. . It's like a domino effect. Once you create your own content and the netizen love's it. They will share, like, and engage with your content. And the engagement, the higher the chances that Facebook's algorithm will recommend your video to all viewers who's interest is base on your niche. Adding the feature of silent play feature where your videos will play automatically without any sound, and that counts to your insights for playback.

  • You know who are the people who liked and follow your page. Unlike Youtube, People will gonna subscribe to your channel but those subscribers have limited profiling on their account. Compared to Facebook, You have the access to all profiles and all there details which they provide.

  • There are plenty of monetization tools that they offer to the creators.  Here is the list of tools which Facebook can offer you as long as you meet the criteria:

As mentioned, My page is eligible for the in-stream ads and the brand collabs manager.

Some creators have the chance to take all the monetization tools mentioned above.
Ensuring that creators are following the monetization and community guidelines of Facebook.

Now I am going to discuss the Cons:


  • Let me start with the Monetization Guidelines is CONFUSING.  I get frustrated, to be honest. But before anything, I am going to share what are the legends behind the color of the dollar icon ($) 

  • Plenty of repurposed content on Facebook. I watch a lot of videos from Tiktok, which is being reuploaded to Facebook, other creators are genius. If they find that this type of video is trending they have access to RIGHTS MANAGER- its a tool where you are tagging the specific video that you fully owned it and once other creators will repurpose it, You have the rights to tag them and the chance that their page will get demonetized.

For the first month of uploading content, I never encountered any issues with monetizing my videos. 
But the longer that I upload content consistently, I noticed that some of my videos turned yellow. Which means it's not monetized due to not meeting the criteria. 

Some criteria which they mentioned is the language. 
The fact that I am speaking in Tagalog and English primary. 

Facebook allows my Language -Tagalog to get monetized as this is one of the supported languages. But for some reason, they are tagging it as Yellow. But I find ways to move it to green by deleting the video and reuploading the content. It confused me a lot and it came to the point that It would take 4 days to approve my video despite getting high views (Pending Review)

  • The algorithm is complex and difficult to figure out.  I have my Youtube Channel and there's plenty of third-party provider like TUBEBUDDY to help you from optimizing your channel. It's easy to figure and optimize and there's easy instruction on how to do it as long as you have the plugin. I figure out how the algorithm of Facebook works and applied it to my Videos, but once you figure it out, they normally tweak the algorithm. In my opinion, it's a guessing game.
**If you want to try the free version of Tubebuddy. Feel free to click this link

  • Most of the creators at Facebook don't last their pages because of violating the monetization guidelines. 
I knew some creators decided to focus more on Youtube. Although Youtube is an intent app, -means you have to visit the website or app just to watch the content. Nevertheless, People are still preferring to watch Youtube and creators are getting more revenue from it. 

  • Lack of 60 fps or 50 fps refreshes rate.  This is one of the downsides which I really don't like the most. I am filming content and the refresh rate of it is 1080p 60fps and Youtube accepts it without any flaws at all. But for Facebook, at this time, they don't accept any refresh rate other than the normal refresh rate around 30fps. But they do accept the quality of the video up to 1080p.

Writing this content, my Youtube Channel is not monetized at the moment. But I'm looking forward to it.

For now, I am focusing on Facebook. I'm getting decent views from it and getting followers consistently,

As a content creator, I carefully read the monetization and the community guidelines of Facebook. As they are getting lenient when it comes to the guidelines.

So, Is it worth it to invest your time creating a page and uploading your content on Facebook?

The answer? 

Well, I am in between actually, Sometimes you're good at Facebook, sometimes not. But work smart. I upload my content from Facebook and Youtube at the same time. 

So I hope you learn something from it :)

Follow my Facebook Page if you want to see my videos :) 

Thank you and stay safe!


Thursday, August 27, 2020


Captivating Georgia | Part 2 - Doramode!


Hello Folks, Welcome to another travel blog. And for today's content, I am writing about my recent trip to Georgia. This is my 2nd-day trip and one of the highlights of the tour.

This is Jvari Monastery at Mtskheta Eastern Georgia

Travel Time...

We left our hotel around 1:30 in the afternoon.  We have a personal tour guide and a driver with a coach service. And it took us approximately 20 to 30 mins drive to reach the site all the way from Tbilisi.


Jvari Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox Monastery that existed for the last 6th century. And it is situated at a rocky mountain top of a hill overlooking the town of Mtskheta.

 It is currently a Unesco World Heritage Site that survived to the present day that's almost unchanged.

Breathtaking View...

The breathtaking view within the monastery is surreal. If you're into nature thing, You would definitely love the scene. We arrived at the spot around 2PM, and the weather was bit gloomy and cold. and the parking lot was full of coasters, some of them are locals and other tourist wanting to check the monastery. 

Some of the pictures I took below:

The good thing about us, as we're able to help by our local tour guide and made it easy to reach the top.

The local tour guide explained to us about the architecture of the monastery. The monastery was strengthened by a "controforse" wall. So that it would look like its growing from the mountain. Its an example of harmonic relation of architecture with nature. 

Bas-Relief of the Monastery...

Ascension of the Cross, bas-relief above the southern entrance of the Jvari Monastery

Relief is a term for a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements attached to a solid background of the same material. And the monastery has a lot of it. Ranging from a Georgian Nobleman of Iberia to the Ascension of the Cross. I took a picture of it. See above for your reference.

Inside of Jvari Monastery...

I still have plenty of time to roam around the area and I went inside the monastery. The fact that this is 6th Century old structure, yet Georgian is still able to remain whatever needed to preserved inside. Using the night mode on the DSLR, I was able to capture some shots inside.

Here are some pictures:

The above image is Saint Nino, a female evangelist credited with converting King Mirian III of Iberia to Christianity,(credits from Wikipedia) 

Above Picture: View of the dome and the wooden cross

The most important part of a Christian: I light up a candle and prayed.

It took Us around an hour to finish checking what's in the area. Afterward, the local tour guide transferred us to another Orthodox Church. But I'm going to share that content on my next blog :)

I hope you guys enjoy reading this content. And Looking forward to seeing you on my next  Part 3 of my Tour to Georgia :)

As always, Stay Safe :) 


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The #NewNormal...

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my blog. It's been a while since I did not write any content.  As most of my content on the website focused on product reviews and travel reviews, however, the pandemic strikes that I decided to postpone it for some time and switch to an alternative.

Adding some unforeseen factors like having a furlough for 2 months and returning back at work with a hefty workload. But that doesn't stop me from creating great content for everyone. Prioritizing "vlogging" doesn't mean leaving my website. It's just things that happened so quickly. 

Lately, I focused myself on vlogging, though I've been creating some video contents before, I prefer to write (I'm an introvert, but with a little practice and a sprinkle of confidence, I was able to surpass it and I am comfortable now talking in front of the camera) 

A the time goes by, I decided to start creating a daily vlog on my youtube channel and Facebook page.  and finally, all my hard work was totally paid off. I think this year, I mostly focused on vlogs as I'm unable to make more content on my website. But, still, I have a third party ad player that integrates with my website and I always upload all of the contents that I have. Making sure that all of my videos have an exposure of 360 degrees.

Creating a vlog during this pandemic is a no easy peasy task. I need to be more creative and make a content where viewers can watch it all over again. So since I cannot leave the country or go to other emirates due to COVID Restrictions. What I did was to create an Episodic Content of my Daily Vlog in Abu Dhabi. 

Basically, All of those interesting things and those things that I normally do during my rest day from work or at my workplace. I compiled this daily vlogs into an episodic content and upload it to Facebook. 

Facebook offers episodic content, unlike Youtube where you have to create a playlist first and upload all the contents. 

Anyways, I upload all those contents from Facebook to Youtube and to my website.

So far, I was able to achieve 10,380 followers from my Facebook page and I was able to monetize it.

on the other side, My Youtube channel is still under review, and my watch hours are still ongoing to reach the 4000 watch hours.

Having 10k followers on Facebook is a significant milestone from my end. I couldn't ask for more. I am so happy that my page was now able to earn money. Having the passion to write won't stop me from doing it.

Creating a content thru writing and vlogging is a talent. And I am so grateful to have those both.

Ceddy's Random Milestone...

So far to, summarize all. Here's the milestone of Ceddy's Random up to date:

From humble beginnings,  my website gained affiliation with partner companies such as 

  • Skyscanner
  • Starz Play
  • Austrian Airlines
  •  Air Malta
  • Etihad Holidays
  •  Amazon Associate
  • Nord Vpn
  •  Noon
  •  Gabriel New York.

Awarded by the prestigious Liebster Award--an exclusive award-giving body for bloggers in the blogosphere.


  • Google AdSense
  • Media.Net
  • Infolinks
  • Monumetric
  • Mowplayer
  • MGID
  • Facebook Audience Network (with 10K Followers on Facebook)
  • Purple

are my official publishing and monetizing partners. To sum it up, those mentioned above are the farthest milestones of Ceddy's Random.

All I can say is. Despite all these unforeseen circumstances, I was still able to learn and create more valuable content and to share it with everyone.  If you want to visit my Facebook page and want to check out my videos. Please click this link.

Thanks for reading my short and simple content and I'll see you on my next blog.

Stay Safe Folks!


Saturday, August 22, 2020


 Author Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

It's Been A While!

 Hello Everyone! It's been a long time that I missed to write content.

I was so busy at work and doesn't have time to make new content and because of Covid-19. All my travel plans were moved to 2021 (I should have fresh content for the past 2 months but since unforeseen circumstances happened.)

Back On Track!

And Since I'm back on track on writing content.  I have something to share with you-  a personal review of an online marketplace. This is FIVERR. 

I was searching for some specific "Gig" for my website. I am searching for someone who can fix some errors on my website and to optimize it more. So I hire a professional to fix that issue. 

Why I hired a Professional SEO Consultant?

I noticed that due to COVID 19, 50% of my traffic footfall decreased sporadically for 4 months and I was worried as this is greatly affecting my ad revenue performance. So to prevent this from getting worst, I hired someone who can fix this issue as I don't have time and I am busy at work

Does Fiverr worth it?

With the help of Fiverr, I was able to find the right person to fix the issues on my website. A quick chat via Fiverr App, settle the payments, Fix the issue, and deliver it. And voila. After 5 days of promised delivery, the guy who's happened to be a social media manager as well from Pakistan was able to fix and delivered its service on time.  And if you wish to hire other professionals, there's plenty of services that Fiverr offers.

The screenshot below via Fiverr App:

What Are The Payment Option?

All I did was to pay via Apple Pay on my phone (Since Fiverr can support Apple Pay without entering your card details manually)  If you want to learn more about Apple Pay, You can check my Apple Pay Review HERE.

Fiverr accepts the following mode of payment:

  • Apple Pay
  • Thru Debit or Credit Card
  • Paypal

What I did from my end was just to submit all the requirements that he needs and some credentials.

And I was able to get a 10% discount since it's my first time to order a service from Fiverr. After providing the valid promo code, 

You have to apply the promo code provided by Fiverr to get a discount before checking out
You have to apply the promo code provided by Fiverr to get a discount before checking out

I did a check out via Apple Pay and Voila. The person who I hired can start his job right away.

Dashboard & Status Of The Gig

You can always monitor the progress of the gig by utilizing the Fiverr App. I have taken a screenshot below:

All you have to do is go to Manage Orders

And the expected delivery will appear like this below:

Trust Is Always Important

I know that some of you would not trust People by giving your credentials, but You should. Luckily, The guy from Pakistan did his job and didn't share my sensitive information from anyone and I am highly satisfied. I am going to order a gig from him again.


Of course, before trying the service offer from Fiverr, I read some reviews first and the feedback from that person. Luckily, Plenty of people did a 5 Star rating. 

If you want to learn more or you wish to sign up and get your first order. You can click this link.

Once again, Thank you so much for reading my blog. Stay safe!




Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Another Unboxing Review

Hello Everyone,  Ceddy here, And I'm back again for another tech unboxing review.

Without further ado, let's go ahead and start this review.

I've been waiting for 3 months and now, I finally got the package from Apple.

I've been longing to have one of these and finally, I have one.

I am talking about the Apple Airpods Pro. I am a fan of Apple products, starting from the iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook and my first ever Airpods (First Generation)

Ecosystem, It matters a lot.

I really love the ecosystem of Apple as it works perfectly across all the devices and the operating system is top-notch. I'm not biased with Apple,  Android is good, my first ever android phone was the LG Mini 2 and I was using a Blackberry Storm (its horrible by the way, though I don't have a choice Wayback 2013), Android is very customizable however nothing compares to Apple when it comes to user experience.

So, going forward, I finally got the Airpods Pro. The Airpods Pro was released way back on October 30, 2019. This is the latest AirPods from Apple. Unlike the first and second generation (they have a universal fit), however the silicone tip size of pro is customizable. So if you have a small ear way canal, you can change the silicone tips to small. In default, the medium silicon tip is already attached to the AirPods pro upon purchase.

And by the way Folks, I don't want to provide any deeper specs with the product, hence I'm just going to share with you my first impression and my experience with the Airpods Pro.

The packaging and the experience.

Moving forward, as always, the AirPods pro packaging is so simple yet elegant. I've been unboxing a lot of products, but I really love to unbox any Apple product. As there it seems different from the rest of the other products that I unboxed. It's weird but the experience is so satisfying.

The noise cancelation feature is so good. It works like magic.

The first time that I put the Airpods in my ears, I was so shocked and surprise (Yes, you can see me on the video, Totally speechless for a  few seconds) Why? It's because of the noise-canceling feature. This is the reason why I was excited about this product because it has this new feature.

Upon using the Airpods Pro, the noise cancellation will activate immediately. I was inside the saloon and the noise of the washing machine in the other room and the noise of the AC was gradually filtered. I can hear only myself it works like magic. Yeah (lol). So if you want to move from noise-canceling mode to transparency mode, all you have to do is to long-press the stem of the Airpods, either left or right.

All I can say is.

I'm not a sound guy professional-ishh, I'm just a regular guy who uses this AirPods, I cannot fully justify the sound quality and other "thingy things" that sound professionals can explain. But all I can say is the bass quality of this AirPods Pro is far better than my first generation. Think about high-quality sound. I have even noticed some of the vocals of "Fireflies" by Owl City, and the instruments which they used were so rich to listen compared to my first generation of Airpods.

Trying the Airpods Pro. (Inside the bus)

Using the Airpods Pro inside the bus, Is quite impressive. The hums of the bus were gradually decreased. It's not totally canceled out but I was able to enjoy listening to the tracks and watching movies from Apple Tv+.

Anyways, enough with the first impression. Let's go ahead with the quick unboxing.

So let's start with the packaging.

These photos were taken using portrait mode via iPhone 11

Look at this stunning box. Every time I see this picture, it's oddly satisfying (weird eh?)

I have to blur out some serial numbers (folks, the serial number of Airpods Pro is where you warranty information can be found)

Side. With an Apple Logo

And at the back, where you can find the picture of the Airpods case opened, revealing the Airpods Pro

And on the other side, embossing the name of the product. And did I mention that Airpods Pro can support wireless charging? Yes, Sir, It's compatible with any wireless qi charger.

And here's the documentation. Sad to say, but Apple did not include any Apple stickers. My first Airpod comes with 2 Apple stickers.  I know it's not a big deal, (like eh, stickers?, come on folks, It's part of the experience, and you pay for it :) )

This is what I'm telling about guys, See this round-ishh paper housing below? Yeah, that's where your ear tips are.
Small and large. A cool way to put all those ear tips without sacrificing the space on that tiny little box.

And voila...

Apple is gradually transitioning all its peripheral cords from lightning cable to USB-C type cable.
I'm not a fan of USB-C. I really don't mind the USB-C cable as I have 3 original lightning cable to use just in case I missed bringing the cable of my AirPods pro. Good thing, my power bank can support USB-c charging.

USB-C, I'm not a fan, although it delivers great data speed transfer and fast charging. I don't mind it. I just wish that the supplied the normal USB to lightning cable.

And here's the beasty. How gorgeous!

Peekaboo! (lol), the design is so futuristic. The medium ear tip fits perfectly in my ear. I tested the ear-fit test and it appears to be a good seal.

Sexy back. Assembled in China, (as always)

An orange light will appear if you put back the Airpods Pro to its charging case.

Look how small the Airpods Pro. It's just your thumb (or probably the half of your thumb)

It's just right...

See that black mesh at the back of the AirPods Pro? That's an expanded mesh microphone port that improves call clarity in windy situations.

And at the tip of the Airpods Pro (or the stem rather), It comes with a force sensor that supports different gestures such as:

  • Press once to play or pause music
  • Press once to answer an incoming call 
  • Press twice to skip forward on a track 
  • Press three times to skip back on a track 
  • And press and hold  to switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode

And if you may ask, How much is the Airpods Pro? *drum rolls.....

It's $272. Yeah, It's not practical to have this type of Bluetooth headphones, If you can afford to buy one of this? Why not? Enjoy and splurge your self once in a while.  Once you tried it for the very first time, all those anger will flush away  (it's quite expensive but it's worth the price for) 😆

If you're considering buying one, you can click this link.

If you want to see the entire unboxing of Airpods Pro, You can find it above in my video section.

Once again, Thank you so much for reading this review.

Stay safe everyone!