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Friday, June 28, 2019

Apple Pay in the UAE | First Hand

photo credits to APPLE

Time Flies So....Fast

As the year goes by, Digital Mobile Payment is on the cloud-nine now, where else the traditional mode of payment does still exist- cash.  Yeah, Right. It's a bit hefty to carry cash along with you. Especially the coins.

Living in the most advanced and technological country- The United Arab Emirates, Technology rises fast. From un-manned operating metro network to automated self driverless cars. And now, Digital mobile payments.

When, Where and Why?

Apple Pay launched in the UAE, 2 years ago. And it seems that most of the consumers are now adopting from this mode of payment. As Apple's marketing campaign seems promising too.

 I'm working in retail and I do handle cashiering as well, So what I notice was, out of ten customers, 3 or 4 of them uses this mode of payment rather than taking out their credit or debit card.

Several UAE banks are available since the day that Apple launches the digital wallet in the region.
Some banks in the UAE can be found on this list and merchants as well.

This year, I transition to another bank with which Apple Pay is available.
And I was able to enjoy to use this feature on my device. Paying at restaurants or coffee shops.

What is Apple Pay? 

So for those people who are new to the Apple Ecosystem. What is Apple Pay?
-Well, it's a contactless payment technology exclusive only for the Apple devices such as iPad, selected Macbooks and newer iPhone devices, starting from the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch as well.

It allows you not to carry along with you, your credit or debit card. Instead, it was designed to move consumers from the physical wallet and where your debit or credit card is inside your iPhone or Apple watch, allowing to pay using your device in a most secured way.


You can track your expenses as well, by browsing on the built-in Apple Pay Application below (formerly Apple Wallet). It does store your boarding pass and hotel bookings as well.

I bought some Chinese and Filipino food, so it stores all the details, think about digital receipt same as the receipt printed on the terminal.

Which cards support Apple Pay?

It does support most of the major credit and debit card providers like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can check more information on this list.

Is it safe to use? 

Well, When it comes about money, we want to make sure that all of the funds on our bank accounts are secured. Totally, that no one can hack.  As Apple promised, Safety is their first priority to the consumers.  So they are taking it seriously especially if money is involved.
Technically saying, The Apple Pay uses a "token based system" placing your finger on the touch id or by scanning your face via face id, It allows the transaction to go through, but payment and personal information are kept safe in case you lost or your phone is stolen.

And also, iOS devices has its own "Device Account Manager" wherein it encrypts all the data within the chip of the device. So to make it short, When you make a payment using Apple Pay, It does not share the actual debit or credit card number to the merchant, thus it passed thru a transaction dynamic security code. So yeah, Secured and safe.

What about the experience?

Personally, I'm not biased with Apple. I've been to the ecosystem of Apple for a long time,  Though, there are some pros and cons when using digital wallet payment. Not only for Apple but also from its counterparts like Android Pay (former Google Wallet) and Samsung Pay, not all merchants support Apple Pay. On this era, There are still a lot of things to prioritize. Little by little, society will accept this kind of transition. Not now, Not later but in the near future.  For Me, I am totally satisfied with this type of service, and it keeps me fascinated about all these things that Apple introduced. They are not the first hand to introduce this type of service, Paypal did this a long time but as time passes by, It is not the first who made this payment rather its all about the experience that the user can gain from the brand. Which I totally enjoy since the beginning.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Flight Review: Air Arabia - Sharjah UAE to Tbilisi Georgia

Here we go again!

Another Flight Review

I am back again for another flight review.  My recent trip to Tbilisi Georgia was superb that I'm so excited to write a flight review with the airline that I recently fly with.

I am talking about Air Arabia, their global hub is situated at  Sharjah International Airport, located on the third emirate itself, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

photo credits to Under Consideration

Second Time Flying With Them

This is my second time to fly with them. First was 2 years ago, going to Yerevan, Armenia, and for the second time, I opt to choose to fly with them again. As they have reasonable airfare offer.

The Aircraft; Airbus A320

The aircraft that we flew was an Airbus A320. This is my all time favorite aircraft among the fleet of the A320 operator. Air Arabia's current fleet consists of 52 new Airbus A320 and 1 A321 aircraft. I am looking forward to flying with there new a321 neo. At the moment, they are currently operating two aircraft types.

all photo credits to Air Arabia 

all photo credits to Air Arabia 

all photo credits to Air Arabia 

Waiting Time

I reached the airport around 5 in the morning as I travel from Abu Dhabi. And the shuttle service timing was 3 AM. My flight was 8 AM. So time management is needed. I still have plenty of time. After checking in and passing thru the immigration. I had the chance to sip some caffeine while having a face-time with my Aunt in the Philippines. Ahhh. Now this vacay 101 😉

Selfie As Always

I always take a selfie before going inside the aircraft. For those people who frequently travel, they really don't mind it. But I am always fascinated with these giant steel bird.

Up, Up Away!

Anyways, without further ado, here is my flight review of Airbus A320 of Air Arabia.

Mobile check-in is open 24 hours before the scheduled flight, so I was able to choose my own seat. Of course, My favorite choice of seat is near the wing of the aircraft. My seat is 22F. There were few travelers at the moment.

photo credits from seat plan 

Pick And Drop

A320 baby!

What To Expect Inside?

So what to expect inside the aircraft?... Hmm...

No IFE, But...

Well, there is no in-flight entertainment apart from the shared screen monitor located at the middle of the aisle. The in-flight magazine is available wherein you can buy some duty-free stuff, snacks and hot meals. Make sure to carry along your tablet or phone to keep you entertained during the duration of the flight. And switch it to airplane mode.

In-flight magazine


Or enjoy the view beneath your window.  Perfect for Instagram.

Service During The Flight

The duration of the flight was 3 hours and 15 mins.
During the flight, cabin crews are offering food and beverages. So you have the option to purchase snacks and/or ready pack meals. Payment is either by local currency or debit/credit cards. You can also pre-order your meals or snacks online.

Buttered chicken is delicious

complete meal at affordable price

What's More?

The lavatory is pretty clean. Nothing much to find anything here apart from the hand sanitizer and tissues. The lavatory is pretty small compared to the lavatory of Boeing 777-300 from Etihad. And as always. No smoking is allowed in the lavatory.

A Bit Warm

I find it a bit warm inside the aircraft especially when we are near the aerospace of Georgia.
The same experience that I had when I travel to Armenia.

No Amenities

No amenities where provided, maybe (I guess) this was just a short flight. But it would be better if they will provide at least a refreshing towel or a face spray instead.

Customer Service

The cabin crews are very friendly. My previous trip with them to Armenia, surprisingly, there was a Filipino cabin crew. And I was expecting another Filipino cabin crew. But none. Anyways, the cabin crew was friendly and accommodating. They ensure that we are comfortable during the flight and they cater to our needs.

Friendly cabin crews

Friendly cabin crews


I never encounter any turbulence during the flight except my previous flight with Etihad traveling to the Philippines.

Seating Pitch

So far this the most spacious economy cabin seat pitch (measured from the same point on one seat to the same point on the seat in front). Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 76 cm is average, though of course what that means for you depends on how tall you are. I really don't mind it as I am 160 cm. It's just right.

Rate wise. 

I would definitely rate them 8 out of 10.
The only missing part? Well if they have an IFE per cabin seat and a free amenity kit. It would be great! Friendly cabin crews and a nonturbulence experience with them.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Ninebot Segway Quick Unboxing Review

commuting from work with a kick scooter

 Kick Scooter, Is it worth it?

For many people, the commute to work involves car, buses or trains.
There are few who cycle, walk or run to the office.

But what if, there was a fun more way to get to work?
That's exactly the thought that crossed my mind when I saw my room-mate riding on a kick scooter.

I recently transferred to another workplace. And I need to pay extra cash for my bus transportation every day. Worst part? When the bus leaves you behind and the last option is to ride via taxi. And it's too expensive. Then I decided to buy a kick scooter for a long term investment.

I saw a promotional offer of Segway Kick Scooter ES2 at Virgin Megastore. But before buying it. I read some reviews and watched some videos, reviewed on youtube. Then, Finally,  I decided to buy one.

Unboxing and Quick Review

Without further ado, Here is my quick unboxing review of the Segway Ninebot ES2 Kick Scooter.

What's on the Outside?

 The Box of the Ninebot Kick Scooter looks promising on the outside. Though I find it very heavy to carry. 
Hello Baby

 What's on the Inside?


Hey Beastie Baby 😉

Here is the Baby. The kick-scooter is foldable. So you need to carefully unfold it. It's pretty heavy though. Around 20 kgs.

Manuals and Documentation

Of course, Manuals and documentation. The Infographic instruction manual will guide you in setting up the scooter.

Brake and Accelerator  

The "Brain" of the scooter. 4 pairs of screws to be connected on the body of the scooter to get attached.

Connect the tag

 See the blue tag? You need to connect that on the same blue tag on the scooter itself. Just like a lego.

 It comes with a screwdriver 

 to adjust the screw (of course)...

 And the screws...

Power Brick and Charger

The power brick and chargers are very handy. It is similar to a charger of your laptop.

And that's my quick unboxing review of the Segway Ninebot Kick Scooter ES2.

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