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Monday, September 4, 2023


Rokinon 85M-E 85 mm F1.4 Fixed Lens - Is it worth to buy?

Technology One Leap Ahead...

As the technology moves forward, the photography industry is also innovating, offering a wide variety of smartphones that provide unique advanced optics.

3 of the big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are on the rise and filling the gap that traditional cameras can offer.

However, that doesn't stop the third-party lenses for mirrorless and DSLR cameras from offering such incredible lenses. 

Trying the Alternative...

I am always using the camera of my iPhone, from on-the-spot usage to travel vlogging, it is very convenient and easy to carry, not to mention its discreet size.

On the other side, I have a Sony Alpha A6100 as well which is perfect for vlogging and taking still shots. But I rarely use it, the disadvantage is that it is bulky, and it's not handy if you use it for a period of time. 
However, one thing that I love about this camera even if it is not a full-frame sensor (cropped sensor only) is that you can change the lens and use another e-mount lens. 

I wanted to step up my photography skills and take more portrait shots (although the iPhone takes good nice portrait shots) Still the results of using advanced ONLY optics are much better.

Purchasing Decision Matters...

After researching, I decided to purchase a manual f1.4 lens. A brand that is excellent in this field is no other than Rokinon- A South Korean Brand. 

In order for me to get that stunning portrait shot with a crisp blurry background. I chose the f1.4 lens. Compared to the kit lens from Sony, which is f3.5 (ideal for normal use). The f1.4 Rokinon with a range of 85mm lens is outstanding. Although it takes time for me to adjust to manual focus, it is pretty easy to control the focus and the depth of field. 

The standard kit lens of my Sony camera has a built-in stabilizer and autofocus, so derived from its name, it is easy for me to take still shots as it automatically chooses the object. Unlike the Rokinon which is manual focus, it took me a few seconds to adjust and focus on the subject.

Sony Standard f3.5 kit lens (left) and Rokinon f1.4 85mm lens (right)

Here are some sample photos taken using the Rokinon Lens

All Images are raw files and enhanced via Adobe Lightroom

The Cons of the Rokinon Lens...

This is not ideal for sports portrait shots as this lens is exclusive only for portrait still shots. 

When it comes to portability, this is where my standard kit lens from Sony wins. It is small, compact, and lightweight. Compared to Rokinon. This lens is a beast, and heavy too!

Pros as well...

Regardless of its downside for portability, the price of the Rokinon lens is way more affordable compared to its competitors. I purchased it on Amazon for only 524 AED or about 143 USD.

So, the verdict. 

Do I recommend this lens?

Yes! if you prefer still shots and a crisp blurry background it is budget-friendly. 

Thanks for reading my blog and I'll see you again next time!