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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019 

Hello Guys! Ceddy and here. And I am back again for another gadget quick unboxing review.

And for today's unboxing review, I am going to unbox the best budget smart band for 2019.

This is Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

This smart band is their latest edition on there Mi Band Series.

So without further ado, Let's start this quick review.

Let's take a look at the small packaging...

This beasty smart band is packed in a straightforward packaging.
The vertical packaging is pretty small the fact that the smart band is small yet quite lite. too
It comes with an embellished logo of number 4 which is oddly satisfying if you caress it with your finger (Uhm, is it the right word of choice to describe? pun not intended 😅 )

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Side by side details...

Well, As always, here are the side details of the packaging. It's my intention to show it as some of the viewers want to see. So yep, there you go..

And the packaging comes with a sexy back 😁

Sharing you the specification of Xiaomi Mi Band 4


Water Resistance Rating5 ATM

Display TypeAMOLED

Screen Size0.95"

Resolution120 x 240 RGB

Colour Depth24bit

Screen brightness to 400 nits (max brightness), brightness adjustable

Touchscreen typeOn-cell capacitive touchscreen

Screen protection2.5D tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating

ButtonSingle touch button (wake up, go back)

Wrist strap type removable wrist strap
(Mi Smart Band 4 is compatible with Mi Band 3 straps)

Wristband width18mm

Wrist strap material thermoplastic polyurethane

Adjustable wrist strap length155-216mm



Sensors3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope;
PPG heart rate sensor;
Capacitive proximity sensor

Wireless connectivityBT5.0 BLE

BatteryLiPo, 135mAh

Charging Type2Pin Pogo Pin

Charging time≤ 2 hours

Standby time up to 20 days

Motor TypeRotor

Body material polycarbonate

AppMi Fit

System requirementsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above

And its features

Sport Functions6 workout modes: Treadmill, exercise, outdoor running,
cycling, walking, pool swimming; Count steps, distance,
and calories burned

Health monitoring workout completion notifications, goal setting, sleep monitoring,
heart rate monitoring, all-day heart rate checking, resting
heart rate, heart rate chart, idle alerts

Other featuresAlarm, proximity sensor, pre-set watch face, customizable watch face,
lock screen, timer, stopwatch, phone alarm, and notifications, incoming
calls, message notifications, calendar notifications, app notifications,
the weather forecast, Find my phone, phone unlock, event notification,
Night mode, Do not disturb mode (works even without phone), music
controls on band, Bluetooth broadcasting, battery level display, different
ways to wear, OTA updates

Package Contents 

I find it fascinating to see the visuals below.
The visual contents are screengrab to Xiao Mi's Website. You can see the full list specs here

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Personal experience using the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How much is the price? 

So far, this is the best budget smart band for 2019. The fact that its screen is AMOLED with a price of 139 dirhams or $38. You couldn't find anywhere in the market with such a competitive product. 

Small beast yet powerful features in one...

If you are a health-conscious person and have an active lifestyle, I highly recommend this product. I've been using the product for a month and I even wear it at night to monitor my sleep cycle. The battery lasts up for a month for a single charge and it can take 2 hours to complete the charging cycle. 

One of my favorite features as well is...

The vibrating feature is very helpful as it makes me awake on time especially in the morning.
My circadian rhythm changes from time to time as my scheduled rota at work varies and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 helps me to monitor my sleeping cycle.

Here's a screenshot of my sleeping cycle via the MI APP.

Other than that, my favorite feature among the 15 features of the band is the steps. You can set daily steps for a day and once you have reached that goal, the smart band will vibrate and you can see the stats and achievements as well in the MI BAND APP.

And of course, It can check your bits per minute of your heart rate. 

Notifications to keep you updated every time...

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has an extra feature to let you know that a specific app is active. Once an application receives a notification from your phone, it auto synchronize to the band and you will get all the information right away from your smart band 4 with a vibration. The smart band is connected via Bluetooth and does not need any mobile data at all. Pretty convenient.   However, It doesn't have a built-in GPS, rather it relies only on the GPS of your mobile device.


The powerful AMOLED DISPLAY is very impressive the fact that most AMOLED smart band is only available on higher-end smart band watches  (and it's pretty expensive). But don't underestimate the power of the smart band 4. 

You can read the information on the smart band's face during the broad daylight. Thanks to the AMOLED.  The smart band's face is customizable as well.

Here, you can see the picture of Mitsuo (my dog)

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

So that's it for now. I hope I was able to help you to decide if you are planning to buy a smart band and invest for a long time.

If you are searching for a budget smart band. This is the best smart band in the market at the moment.
Just don't expect a GPS built-in, As it is relying only on the GPS of your device.

Other than that, Its the best budget smart band for 2019.

Thanks for reading my quick review.

And see you again on my next blog :)


Thursday, November 21, 2019

Oh, Hello There!

Hey Guys, Ceddy here. And I am here for another review.

And for today's tech review. I am sharing my experience using the best Youtube Service provider.

I always wanted to find ways to reach my audience and gain higher retention on my Youtube Channel.

Two months ago, I found a reliable and legit company that sells Youtube Services.

And the website is...

This website is QQTUBE. At first, I was quite hesitant to try their service as I was scammed last time. And lesson learned , I said to myself that I will never ever try this service as some of them are a bunch of scams. I was browsing on the internet on how to find ways to increase audience retention, and I stumble to their website shortly. At first, I am quite hesitant to try their service. Then that's the time I made a research about their service and feedback, I checked their rating at TRUST PILOT - A consumer review website.

And I was surprised that QQTUBE has a high satisfaction rating of 80%.

Confused...Undecided but...

So, I tried it. If you are undecided to invest your hard-earned money, All I can say is, Don't hesitate to try there service.  QQTUBE provides an offer trial that Includes 1000 pageviews in your Youtube Channel or you have the option to choose on their other service offer for free. Take note that this is a one time offer only.

They've been in the business since 2013. Delivering customer experience and satisfaction. They have an in-house customer support specialist. Which I'm going to discuss later on this post.

Free Trial...Impressive

I  tried their free offer upon signing up. The very easy user interface or you can call it dashboard. A step by step process on how to integrate your youtube video for you to activate the service.  And to my surprise, they have delivered what they promised. I got the 1,000 page views after 24 hours.

As a small youtube content creator, I want to make sure that all my content is being suggested by Youtube. And I am so thankful that QQTUBE helps me to achieve my goal. They delivered what they promise.

And the result...

There was a significant change in my channel analytics, the impressions and how they led to watch time.

I ordered multiple Youtube services with them for a month, I invest and to the result were impressive, and I can see a huge change in my audience retention afterward. And the fact that QQTUBE Service fees are relatively affordable compared to its competitor.

The expectation is a must...

What I like the most with QQTUBE, Is that they deliver the service on time. I was so devastated and paranoid to try again for this kind of youtube service as what happened before. But it changes my perspective. I am definitely will be using their service!

Is it affordable?...

The minimum deposit is 10 dollars. And they accept major credit and debit cards, as for me. I use two of my debit cards. And the transfer of money to my tube account was quick. A receipt of your order will be emailed as well.

Here are some of my recent orders:

Customer Support is AMAZING!...

And I would like to say Thank you and shout out to KIM. One of QQTUBE's staff. He answered all my queries and one of the best staff support from QQTUBE.

Apart from Youtube Service, they also offer services from Facebook, Reddit to Tik Tok.

Since my mainstream module is Youtube. The majority of the orders that I placed are on Youtube views.

To know more about QQTUBE and how they can help you out, click this link :)


So if you may ask me. Do I recommend QQTUBE?

The answer is YES!

Thanks for reading my review.

If you may ask anything, feel free to comment below :)

Till next time...



Sunday, October 13, 2019

And Welcome Back to My Blog!

Hello Everyone! As I promised, I will walk you through on how to install an E-Sim.

And finally, Virgin Mobile's E-Sim feature is active and I was able to make the transition from physical sim to embedded sim (also known as ESIM) so easily, at the comfort of my home. 

And in today's content, I am going to share with you the easy peasy step on how to move from physical sim to E-Sim.

What is eSIM?

And by the way, for those who are clueless about ESIM, 

An Embedded Sim or also known as ESIM is a form of programmable sim card which is embedded directly in the device.

How does it look like?

photo credits to US Mobile

Smaller than a Nano-Sim eh?

If you saw a nano sim that is inserted into your devices (which is the standard size of sim cards these days), the chip is much smaller than nano-sim which is attached to your devices. And for you to utilize this feature. A QR Code provided by the supported telco provider is needed in order to use this feature.

A recent review and what's in it?

Recently, I wrote an unboxing review of the Virgin Mobile Sim Card. They can install the ESIM right away in the store. But I decided to do it on my own. Coincidentally, the service feature of their ESIM was not available at that time and it would take a week to get back in service as they have some system upgrade to enhance the service better. So I purchase the physical sim instead.

After a week. Their service feature is now active and I was notified by one of there sales representatives. 

How to activate the ESIM?

Virgin Mobile UAE, is one of the leading mobile operators next to Etisalat and Du (DU is their parent company) when it comes to providing a great experience to its customers. Giving the convenient to utilize their mobile application without visiting the physical stores for any queries, and yes folks, they have dedicated chat support on their app.

Upon using the sim card and checking out their mobile application. It exceeds my expectations. If you want to ask some queries about your plans or subscriptions, a dedicated chat support 24x7 will assist you.

And now, this is the fun part of using their mobile app.
It's where you activate the ESIM feature.

Easy peasy, step by step

Here's the step by step on how to activate the eSIM.

And for today's activation, I am going to use an iPhone 11.
And for the iOS users, devices such as iPhone XR, XS MAX and the latest iOS flagship devices are available as well.

Please take note: This process is only for those customers who already purchased their virgin sim card (the physical one. And wish to move to esim otherwise please visit the nearest virgin megastore or virgin mobile kiosk and ask for an E-Sim. 

So first things first,

You need to download the Virgin Mobile App. It's available from the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store ( Android). 

Second, Open the app and...

Once you're done with the sign-in process. Go to the "more" section and click your profile that highlights your complete name as well as your email address.

Third, follow below...

of course...

The following options will appear below, and choose "My Numbers"

And next is, It will take you to the menu where your number appears. As for me, Only one number is showing. Choose "Manage ESIM"

Thank you, Next...

Next is, Choose "Move E-Sim to a different device"

*Note that your Virgin Sim card must be inserted in your device and ensure that you are connected to the wifi and the mobile data is disabled or switched off.


The page will appear, Just tick the terms and agreement and hit "Continue"

Take Note: If your account is password-protected, the application will ask for your face id (on iOS devices) or otherwise, an alternative password is needed before you receive the verification code  (you can change these settings on the application itself).

Copy and paste it...

You will be on a page where the code will be pasted. Wait for a couple of seconds, enter the verification code and hit enter.

Done, Easy Peasy!

And that's it!

Just hit done and you will be receiving your QR CODE in a few seconds via your registered email address, (Don't disclose this to anyone) 

Scan the QR CODE from the email that Virgin Mobile send to you.

The activation of your QR CODE , solely depends on your device.

Next Content:

On my next content, I am going to show you how to add a cellular data plan on your iOS Device.

I hope that I was able to help you out. Enjoy using your new eSIM.

Don't forget to subscribe and share this content.

Have a great day ahead :)


Monday, October 7, 2019

Virgin Mobile Sim -  UAE - It is worth it?

Hey Folks! I am back again for another product quick review!

I am going to review about sim card.

Sim Card... Wait, For real?

But why? A lot of products should be reviewed right? But why sim card?
Well I guess, there is a reason why I should review this product and you might change your mind in buying this one (If you are currently residing in the UAE)

 This is my quick unboxing review of Virgin Mobile Sim in the United Arab Emirates.

First things first,

The reason I bought this sim card is because of its prepaid offers. It's very affordable compared to its competitor.

Second, the E-Sim feature. I recently enquired about e-sim offers on other major carriers however I find it a bit costly. Then I decided to choose the virgin mobile as its very affordable and its a bang for my wallet.

So before I start unboxing. Let me share with you what happened an hour before I unbox it.

Virgin Megastore at Alwahda Mall Abu Dhabi, UAE

What's the process?

I went to Virgin Megastore in Alwahda Mall,  And a friendly sales agent assisted me and walked me through on activating the sim card.

And by the way, the reason why I bought this sim card, Is that I want to try E-SIM.
iPhone 11 can support E-SIM. So I decided to go with Virgin Mobile, (despite its unavailability at the moment)

The procedure went very well. No paper works were signed. Everything is digital, even my signature is digitally signed. After the verification using my emirates i.d, I made a payment via master card. The guy offered me 50 dirhams package which consists of the following:

  • 50 local mins
  • 2.5 gigabyte of data

Is it affordable? Expensive? or...

Pretty reasonable for its cost. Well, if you are planning not to use the current offer, you have the option to pause and/or reload at least 10 dirhams via the virgin mobile app or in-store or grocery shops. Ensure to have that maintaining balance to prevent any service interruption or getting your sim card expired.

Other plan offers are available. Including their semi and annual plans with *50 % off

And the Virgin Mobile App...

Speaking of the mobile app. All your data and local minutes or any changes on your account shall be processed thru the Virgin Mobile App.


At the moment, the e-sim feature is currently unavailable but if you are planning to move via e-sim, You can do that on the virgin mobile app, no need to visit the store. Pretty straight forward right? And the good news? It's free of charge! No additional fees!


And among other carriers, Virgin Mobile can support 5G too!
At the moment only a few 5G devices are available.

And I would like to commend the sales agent who assisted me at Virgin Megastore.
Thank You Mr. "James Bond" 😉

So let's start!

The packaging is pretty minimal. No dramas, small packaging that contains your sim card and your data.

However, Kudos to the team who designed the packaging. The resemblance of the iPhone packaging seems similar to this one.

And did I mention about stickers? Apple does... Virgin has it too!

And it comes with a sim ejecting tool. hmm? I wasn't expecting that.

And lastly, documentation: a step by step on how to activate your sim card.

And that's it!

I am still waiting for the email about the update of the e-sim. Once their service is working, then I can go ahead and do the transition.

Once again, thank you so much for reading this content.

And please visit my youtube channel: Ceddy's Random for the version of unboxing video.

Thanks and see you on my next blog!


Monday, September 30, 2019

iPhone 11 Unboxing Review UAE Version

Hey hey hey! 

I am back again for another unboxing review.

I am unboxing the new iPhone 11.

So without further ado, here's my quick unboxing review.

De-Facto iPhone?

A handful of leaks of the design of the iPhone is everywhere on the internet. And some critics were not surprised. As the design is still the same.

The design is very familiar with this one because they are the same as the XR XS AND X. Same shape, notch, size as the XR.
And trust me, this phone is pretty big! It took me 3 days to adjust my grip on how to use the device as I felt it quite big. But as time goes by, It's good actually. Felt like the size of the iPhone 11 is just right, like in the goldilocks zone.

Physically, What changes have been made?

To be honest, none of that much was changed. A bit disappointing when I saw the device.

  • The switch
  • speakers
  • aluminum rails 
  • lightning port
  • The LCD display, with 1972x828 resolution.
  • Water-resistance IP68 
  • All physical buttons are just the same compared last time.

Now, you get the idea.

Remember the iPhone 5C? Funky Colors!

It comes with six new colors:

  • black
  • green
  • yellow
  • purple
  • red and 
  • white 

As I notice, all the colors that they chose were more on pastel. And I really like there (Product Red). I really want there (Product Red) as the color is really catchy but the Virgin Megastore was running out of stocks.

And by the way, I would like to appreciate and commend the staffs of Virgin Megastore in Alwahda Mall, for there superb customer service. I really love how they assist customer, especially me, as I am one of there repeat customers. Top-notch service :)

Back to the iPhone, There are two different glass finishes on the back of the iPhone 11
The glossy across the back, where the apple logo is in the middle instead north of the middle.

The size and thickness weight are exactly the same. 8.3 mm thickness and 194 grams,
Apple said that battery life is one hour longer than the iPhone XR.

What's inside the box? The Gorgeous Box.  

As usual. That consist of the following:

  • Documentation Paper + sim ejecting tool
  • Lightning Cable (sadly, no lightning adapter was included, why Apple? )
  • Charging Adapter (The adapter that supplied in the package is not a 5 watt. Why Apple? Seriously?
  • The Earpods

That's it... And of course, the iPhone itself, lol.

Camera? Spell UH-SOME!

The only new thing is the cameras.  Camera square is matt glass finish now.  A New main camera is added the second camera to the iPhone 11 and its ULTRA WIDE.

Here are some of the pictures:

 You now get dual cameras and all the awesome features that come with. Like switching between the lenses while recording videos, so you get 4k regular and from the ultra-wide. The camera square is a matt glass finish. They are all cut from one piece of glass that's milled down to cut the shape out of it.

Portrait mode now  IS with more than just human faces. It does not detect a face to fake a shallow depth of fields with animals and objects.

"Slowfie", Wait, What?

Yes! You read it right! The front-facing camera does support "slowfie". It can record a slow-motion video with its new wide facing camera. iPhone 11 can now support video front-facing up to 60fps plus 4k resolution video. Ughhh.


This is the best camera in a 700 dollars smartphone. In dirhams that would be 2949 AED (with tax)
Arguably in any smartphone, but still it's sort of a toss-up with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

If you want a great camera. this is a great camera. 

What about the price?

The price dropped, starts at $700,  which sort of fits nicely in this gradient of iPhone prices that Apple has created that they've kept around the XR from last year for cheaper and the iPhone 8 for even cheaper.

That's pretty much all.

Do I recommend it?

YES! This is the iPhone that People should get.

But...If you are into more the "Pro" thing, go with the 11 Pro.

Thanks for reading my quick unboxing review of the iPhone 11.

See you on my next blog :)

--Ceddy <3