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Monday, July 30, 2018

Essential Tools For My Blogging

Essential Tools for My Blogging

screen grab from my Instagram account @cedricpenarubia

Blogging Necessities

As a freelance blogger, we have these essential tools for blogging.
And I am going to share with you the tools that I am using on my day to day basis and for my blogging as well.

Apple Ecosystem


I Am an Apple User. So I used to get into the Apple Ecosystem. 
At home, I am using an iMac for my video editing.  I purchase an iMac with an SSD feature,  capable of rendering and handling some huge applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro.


MacBook Pro

If I am traveling and need to update my blog occasionally or just to write an article on-the-go. I am using the MacBook Pro . Compared to iMac at home, the MacBook Pro doesn't have the SSD feature however it comes with a capacious 500 hard disk drive to store my personal files, movies, and prerequisite applications.

screen grab from my Instagram account @cedricpenarubia

Lenovo External Hard Drive

Privacy and back up is a must that's why I invested into having an external hard drive. I bought the Lenovo 1 TB Hard drive and it helps me a lot for my back up. I stored some previous photos that I took and movies as well. 

Lenovo External 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

iPhone X 

One of my fellow bloggers asks me, if what camera do I use. Economical wise, I am not using any DSLR, apart from being expensive it is hard for me to carry it as I am a backpacker and there is not enough space on my bag (lol, though I wish to have one..) Instead, I am using my iPhone X (or they call it iPhone 10) has 12-megapixel dual-lens camera, capable of taking portrait shots which is similar to DSLR. To check some images captured by iPhone X. Check this link for more information.

screen grab from my Instagram account @cedricpenarubia (i took this picture personally)

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Stabiliser

Speaking of the camera, I invest as well in videography on which DJI offered me there Gimbal Stabiliser.
I want to learn new more ways of mobile photography and videography as well that's why I opt to invest in the gimbal. So this gimbal is the DJI OSMO Mobile 2. 
The purpose of the gimbal is to keep your phone shake-free while shooting some videos or taking still photos. To learn more about the gimbal. I have written an unboxing review. Check this link.

DJI OSMO Mobile 2

Apple iPad Mini 4

Checking or updating my blog on the go is really important to me. Its a bit heavy for me to carry the laptop from time to time but having my phone has a limited view as well so instead of carrying these all,  I have my iPad Mini 4 that comes with sim card on which it allows me to check some updates or notifications on my social sites. Its really convenient and it comes with 5000 mAH battery so it can last up for 2 days (depends on my usage)

iPad Mini 4 with built in data feature

hard casing for extra rigid protection

rose gold color

Additional: And for my cloud storage. I am using iCloud by Apple. To know more about iCloud and the Apple Ecosystem. I have written about why Apple Ecosystem is better than its counterpart.

Wrap Up

I don't use cable that much. As the iCloud integration syncs perfectly across all my devices.
Let's say I took a picture on my iPhone. Once I connect it to the wifi, the picture that I took will appear directly to my other Apple Devices. This is the other reason why it's hard for me to switch to a different platform.  People says its a Walled Garden of Apple. For me, the convenience and the security, the hardware that matches to its software capability makes me stay longer in this ecosystem.

Business-wise, companies are using PC. Even for the enterprise business prefer to use Microsoft and PC's. Nonetheless, it is their preferred option.

Personal wise, I'm with Apple. The sleek hardware matches to its software. It will last up for years and still, you can use it. The brand Apple speaks to itself. Quality and Reliability thru out the years.

So what are your essentials for blogging?
Comment yours below.

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