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Monday, October 29, 2018

Apparel Group - Company Review

Apparel Group- Photo Credits to Apparel Group

I've been working in this company for almost 4 years now, and I can say that this company is the best place to work for.  Without further ado, here's my review of the Apparel Group.


Apparel Group is a global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate residing at the crossroads of the modern economy – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Today, the Apparel Group caters to thousands of eager shoppers through its more than 1750+ stores and 75+ brands, employing 12,000 multicultural staff covering four continents.

Apparel group has carved its strong presence not only in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia but opened thriving gateways to market in India, South Africa, Poland, Singapore, Jordan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Additionally, clear strategies are in place to enter emerging markets such as Hungary, Pakistan, Egypt, and the Philippines.

Apparel Group Operates Brands from around the world, originating from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and include leading names in Fashion, Footwear & Lifestyle such as Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture, Skechers, Nautica, Aldo, Nine West, Aeropostale to name a few and other key brands include Tim Hortons, Cold Stone Creamery, Inglot, Rituals, etc..

The Apparel Group owes its amazing growth to the vision and guidance of its dynamic Chairman, Nilesh Ved, who has taken the company from strength to strength since its inception in the last two decades. *About,  credits from the website

Job Searching

People are searching for jobs nowadays and it is not as easy as you think to find a reputable company to work with.

Flashback 2015, Apparel hired me as one of the thousands of employees to work with them.
I was assigned to the luxury watches as a sales associate and later a year, I was transferred to the Children's clothing. 

Work/Life Balance and Management

Working in this company with a multi populace is a bit intimidating on my first 6 months of work.
I don't get used to working with different nationalities before, however, I was able to adjust and adapt to a new environment as they treat me as a member of the Family. 

Two brands I worked with, the management behind the brands works professionally. Whenever an issue arises, customer disputes frontline operation or back office, They figure it out and find a solution to it.

Working along with the bosses such as General Managers and Area Managers is good. They are the bosses who don't put any walls to the staffs itself. They are very open to everyone and gives feedback to the staffs which need a room for improvement.

After working, I still have the time to bond with my friends and family, going to the gym or write content just like what I'm doing right now. Although there were times that there is a lack of staff e.g staffs on annual leave or emergency leave, which is manageable as other staffs are willing to give support.

Company Benefits

Apart from getting a salary, there are things that the Apparel Group provides benefits to its employees.

You will receive a free cake for your birthday. And since the Apparel Group handles more than 75 international brands, the staffs are eligible for discounts as well. 
One of the brands that I love the most is LC Waikiki and Tim Hortons and I get 25% each of them.

Paid Annual leave and Air Ticket Allowance is provided as well. Once a staff reached one year,  He/She is eligible for paid annual leave and after two years of service, the staff is eligible for Air Ticket Allowance. Sweet is it?

Working hard means you should take care of yourself, however, there's a chance that you might catch flu or get sick because of the weather change for example. This company got you covered with health insurance.
And if in case you need to rest as advised by your doctor, sick leave is provided and its paid. Emergency leave is available as well.

If you work for several years in the company and planning to settle or move out, You are entitled to a gratuity pay which is compulsory as well. 

Paid overtime, commissions and incentives are provided for each of the staffs once they achieved the sales target.  I even use my saved commissions for my trip to Armenia last year. It was such a fun experience.

Career Opportunities

I believe that if you work hard into something, surely you will get the fruit of success.
the Apparel Group stands for its slogan "where dreams, come alive". 
If you deserve and are capable to work on this position, the management will give you the chance to be upgraded or promoted into a higher "grade", training will be provided accordingly.

Necessary training for sale and Arabic lessons to name a few are the things that you will get from the company while working with them. 

Culture and Values

Dream into a reality

The Apparel Group are active in various CSR Activities below:

Smile Cookie – Tim Hortons
Clean Up UAE
Pink Walkathon
Product Donation To Syrian Refugees
Blood Donation Camp – Dec 2013
Blood Donation Camp 2013
Pink Walkathon 2012
Blood Donation Camp 2012
Stretch & Grow
Breast Cancer Survivor
Taare Zameen Par
Pink Walkathon
Walk for a Cause
Booksplus Scary Tales
Blood Donation Campaign 2009 & 2010

Apart from these activities mentioned above. Working in Apparel means working to a vast diversity of people. Different religion and beliefs. Apparel value these and it had a big impact and an ability to succeed because of it people and it shows that these things count and as a result, it became the biggest giant retail company in the region.


Security, Tenure, and Opportunity

These are the 3 big factors why I like about this company

First is Security

I know, I am secured when they, the company won't terminate your end your contract for no reason.
As long as you are loyal to the company and you work hard for it. Chances are, they will renew your contract, in the long run, Apparel Group is an equal opportunity company. Everyone has their own voice and has freedom of choice.


The Apparel Group will collaborate and work with you as long as you want. Most of the employees have been employed with them for more than 8 years. It simply shows that the organization values its employees. It is just a cycle of return indeed. You work with them and in return, they will take care of you, hold onto you and you can stay with the company as long as you want.


The organization gives an opportunity to talented people. They have a ladder of success to the employees. Without talent upgrade, there would be nothing, no motivation and bland at all.
Apparel Group gives an opportunity to each of the staff, they will mold you and enhance your capability to work in this industry- Retail.

Are you an employee of Apparel Group?

Share your experience by commenting below.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time.