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Thursday, January 2, 2020



Hello Everyone! I am back again for another airline review.

Recently, I traveled back to the Philippines, rested for a few weeks and traveled again to Taipei, Taiwan along with my Auntie.

As you might know, I'm an avid fan of A320's ( I'm talking about planes).

So on this review, I will write a quick review of my recent flight with AIR ASIA from Iloilo via Manila to Taipei, Taiwan.

Air Asia A320 and A330 Fleets...

All fleets of Air Asia is composed of AIRBUS A320 and A330, Whether domestic or international flights.

We flew all the way from Iloilo Airport to Manila Domestic Airport and transfer via coach service to Terminal 2 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

Check-in and everything...

Please take note that Airport transport is free of charge and don't need to pay for anything. Alternatively, Bus transport is always available 24/7.

Exclusive only for Air Asia Passenger

Check-in process was easy peasy, though the arrival of the aircraft from Iloilo City going back to Manila was late for more than 2 hours and 30 minutes, I actually complained from the Air Asia personnel and surprisingly, they decided to gave some snacks and water due to long wait and inconvenience that may have caused. Our flight take-off should be around 3 in the afternoon but it was moved to some around 5:30 in the afternoon...

The good thing about traveling with the elderly (or you should say, senior citizen)? They prioritize them, And since I am with my Aunt, we are always on the first line.  You can say we are VIP now ;) (lol, just kidding)

what the...fudgee? 

Inside the Aircraft...

Since we are first to board in the aircraft, We're able to find our seats immediately. I paid extra for the seat selection as I am with my Auntie, The good thing about Air Asia is that the add ons and seat selections are relatively cheap compared to its competitor.

And of course, You get what you pay for. Surprisingly, the seats were pitch black with an accent of red color on the headrest of each seat. I love the combination of the two colors and the seat looks so premium. 

Nothing fancy here, 

The premium feels

And expect the unexpected...

And we're here on the part, I AM SO DISSAPOINTED. On this part, The seat that I choose online was dirty and it was damaged. It seems like the foam of the seat was separated from the skeleton structure of the seat.   I choose that seat as it is overlooking the wing of the plane. I complain about it right away. The cabin crew then advised me to wait for some time and they will find an alternative seat. I am so dissatisfied as the seat that they provided was near the lavatory and I cannot barely see the wing of the plane. It was a total disappointment as I paid for in the first place.

Seriously Air Asia?

And let me add this: Air Asia, could someone explain to me what just happened to the window seat?


Bring your own entertainment device... 

For the first time flyer, don't expect to have entertainment like an EBOX from Etihad Airways.
Air Asia is one of the most budgeted airline that provides great fairs. Just bring your own entertainment device.

In front of the seat, there is a compartment that comes with a flight safety information guide, an in-flight magazine, a food menu, and a duty-free magazine. And bring your own power bank. It doesn't have any USB or power port to charge your devices.

For domestic: English / Tagalog and for international, it is English and language of the country that you wish to visit (Taiwan for example), is in Chinese.

Air Asia's In-flight Magazine

Duty-free magazine

If you have extra money from your debit or credit card, You can purchase an internet service right away. This feature is only applicable on International flights.

 Air Asia A320 has a Standard Seats. With a pitch of 28” and width of 16-17”,  My height is 160 cm (5'4'' ft.) So there's plenty of legroom and I can even stretch my feet. I like it!

Excuse me? May I go to the washroom?...

The Lavatory is... Well, of course, It's lavatory :D. There's nothing much to be found here,  all the basic amenities are available like tissues, hand sanitizer, and hand wash. Nothing smelly at all.

Food is...Life!

The food is GREAT! I pre-booked a meal online from our domestic flight, going to Taipei and going back to Iloilo City. Though the food that they offer online was limited you can still buy on board as they have a ready menu.  I love the inspi(RED) Burger. Due to curiosity, I made a research about the inspi(RED) logo, and later I found out that whoever purchases this burger, the money will be donated to the people who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. More information about Product Red, You can check this link.

And more food! Ah, this is food porn. Folks, those people who are reading at midnight, don't drool okay? (lol, just kidding... :D )

I like this! Tasty! 
I like this! Tasty! 

And this one!

So far, the best spaghetti that I've tasted!

Ah, so good!


Some pictures that I took during my entire travel from domestic to international.

Going back home after my tour from Taipei :)

Our arrival at Taoyuan International Airport. Seen here the flag of Taiwan

Going back to Manila at Taoyuan International Airport. Seen here is China Airlines

At Iloilo International Airport

City of Manila, Philippines

Lovely Ladies of Air Asia <3

And that's a wrap!

So should I recommend Air Asia? 

I can say it's in between. I've seen some glitches during my flight with them and with immediate action, all those unforeseen things should have been avoided. The seat selection online versus your expectation, in reality, is totally different. Overall the service was good except for the delayed flight too.

If you are choosing a cheaper flight with a great comfort and (food) . Then this the best Airline that you are looking for.

Thanks for reading my review. Don't forget to share this content and comment below!. You can visit my official Youtube channel for other travel vlogs. 

Cheers! XX