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Monday, February 10, 2020

Food Review: Graffiti Burger at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi UAE

Food Review: Graffiti  Burger at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi UAE

Graffiti Burger at Airport Road Abu Dhabi

I'm back again for another food blog

Hey there! Ceddy here, And I'm here again for another food review.


And for today's food blog, I am going to share with you my unplanned food trip at Grafitti Burger located at Airport Road here in Abu Dhabi.

Actually, my plan for today is just to visit the church, go home and will cook, but I remember that one of my close and highschool buddy -Sheena who is working at Grafitti Burger.

And a big shout out to Sheena :) for treating me at this cool vibe and funky color restaurant.

What is Grafitti?

So yep, for those who are clueless about Grafitti, it is a drawing made on a wall or other surface. It's a form of artistic expression.

So yep, without further ado, this is my food review of this funky resto.

Which is which? The best in my palette is...

So Sheena recommended me the good one that she usually eats. (We have the same taste of palette so why not?) She recommends the Graffiti Smoke Hotdog and the Graffiti Style French Fries.

As you can see from the picture, it looks like a normal hot dog with some toppings on it.

Grafitti Smoke Hotdog

BUT TRUST ME, (Yeah caps lock) My first bite? It was SOOO GOOD. Like seriously, where in Abu Dhabi you can find a juicy hotdog? with some mild and sweet sauce on it and heaven? Oh well,  adding more the meaty flakes on it. That is one cloud nine experience.  (I'm not overreacting folks, It's LEGIT! I LOVE IT!)

Regular fries are out... Poutine is IN!...

There Grafitti Style French Fries (Or I call it Poutine) it has a mild brown sweet and salty gravy top with oozing soft cheese and more like a barbecue flavor (I guess so).

Grafitti Style French Fries

...and coca-cola is needed...

Partnered with cola. It is an epic meal for me. If you are so hungry and wants a bigger portion, the restaurant also offers a variety of double-patty burgers.

Apart from sodas, they have a variety of smoothies too.

Competitive prices,  that is a bang for your wallet...

They offer competitive prices on the menu and I can say that its all worth the price.

Even the menu is very eye-catchy 

I notice that there's a lot of competitions outside as the street where Grafitti burger located,  is a food hub of burgers and cafeterias as well.

And I observe that all of the employees are Filipino. How cool is that?

And now, let's talk about the restaurant's interior and design.

It's Grafitti. From the sideways of the ceiling to the wall and the lighting is even funkier. The staff's uniform matches the ambiance of the restaurant. Getting this cool vibe eh?.

Check this out:

They have multiple branches across the emirates. 

Abu Dhabi- Aiport Road; Musaffah; Al Shahama
Dubai- Al Khawaneej; Jumeirah
Al Ain- Al Hili
Sharjah- Muwaileh; Helwan
Ajman- Al Yahar


Do I recommend this restaurant? It's a YES! A TRIPLE YES!

If you're an Instagram user, this is the perfect place for you to share those tantalizing and appetizing meals matched with the colorful vibe of the place.

What I like:

The vibes of the place, the staffs are very courteous, lively and the FOOD!

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!