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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G UAE Version Quick Unboxing Review | Doramode - Digital


Samsung Galaxy M52 5G UAE Version Quick Unboxing Review | Ceddy's Random

Another Quick Tech Unboxing Review

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and welcome back to another quick tech unboxing review. And for today's blog, I am going to share with you my new smartphone. This is the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G.

But first, let me share with you a recap of my Android Smartphone Experience (throwback)

This is the second time that I'll be using an android smartphone. My last device was an LG G2 Mini Wayback 2013 when I was still working in the Philippines. But that changed when I migrated to Apple. 

Mentioning Apple, my first device was an Apple 3GS Wayback 2010 and when the android hyped started around mid-2011, I decided to switch to Android during the 2013 period. 

My experience using the android smartphone was a bit upside down, android system update was constant at that time and instead of making my device runs fluidly, it will become sluggish even if I don't have that many apps, or maybe I can also blame the ram. But common, that was 2013 hype.  And my device was also vulnerable to malware (that I didn't think of it before)

When I started working in the UAE way back in 2015. I decided to go back to Apple. And every after 2 years, I always upgrade to another device. From iPhone 3GS, to iPhone 6S Plus to iPhone XS, and right now I'm owning an iPhone 11. Which is definitely great! I don't bring my Sony A6100 all the time for vlogging so this is my go-to device for vlogging. iOS Ecosystem works perfectly along with my other Apple devices such as my Macbook Air and my iMac, but that is another different story. 

Why did I choose Android and why Samsung?

Android is a well-known operating system for smartphones. To be honest, I really wanted the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. All of the major upgrades that I am looking for are on that iPhone. But at this time, it's too impractical to buy an expensive smartphone. So I decided to check some android smartphone (midrange) who has the same features and I stumbled on this device - the Samsung M52 5G. I maybe can afford to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max later this year right after Apple will be releasing the new iPhone 14 by September, for sure the price will be lower right after.

I choose Samsung because of its reputation. Their android lineup and their security software system are always advanced and improving all the time.  

Anyways, without further ado, this is the Samsung Galaxy M52 G5.

The Device's Box

The box packaging is quite similar to other iPhone devices which I previously unboxed before.

the side box of the packaging

And here are some of the documentation below.

A sim ejecting tool is included. 

A documentation / Quick Guide is below.

An adaptive fast charger (15 watts) 25-watt charger is optional and sold separately.

Below is a USB type C charger.

And here's the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

There are 3 colors to choose from. Icy blue, blazing black and white. My favorite color is blue, so opted to choose icy blue. The first time I saw it in actuality versus on youtube, believe me. The device is gorgeous. 

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has an intricate vertical line design that shimmers in the light. Unfortunately, the device's back panel is plastic but that doesn't mean it affects the overall build quality. The back panel is not a matte finish rather it's glossy. So fingerprint is always visible but this would fix by putting a case on it.

I'm not into its camera, but it comes with a triple camera packed with great features. I'm not going too deep into it but I'll leave the link that has all its features here

The right side of the device has aligned buttons, this is the power button which acts as a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device, and the volume button as well. The power button is also customizable. I set it to make a payment for Samsung Pay by just tapping it twice, otherwise, you can set the power button to run some commands such as Bixby. Since this is a mid-range device, the lack of a front camera depth sensor means it cannot proceed to make a payment using the front camera instead it can be made via fingerprint which is very convenient compared to my iPhone which I have to remove my mask all the time to use Apple Pay. You can check my review of Apple Pay here.

I'm not a fan of USB-C, Since most of my devices run the typical USB B Micro and the lightning-type charger of my Apple devices. So here's below the USB-C Type charging port of M52. Unfortunately, the Samsung M52 5G doesn't have dual speakers. It comes with a single speaker at the bottom along with a microphone for phone calls. Comparing it with my iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 has dual speakers, a dedicated microphone for its dual camera, and water resistance. But of course, Samsung M52 5G is a midrange device. So you pay what you get for. Hehehe

The sim compartment, the Samsung M52 5G is a dual hybrid, which means it can support a dual sim and the other sim tray can act as a memory card. The M52 can support up to 1TB of storage.

The main reason I bought this device is the 5G connectivity, 120hz refresh rate SUPER AMOLED Plus screen, and the battery capacity which is 5000mah. I'll be making a separate review of its 5G Speed capability so stay tuned. 

What is the refresh rate? well based on Samsung's website: 
A refresh rate is the number of times a display can update its image in 1 second. Usually, the refresh rate is expressed in Hertz (e.g. 60 Hz). The higher the Hertz or refresh rate (like 120 Hz), the faster the screen responds and refreshes. This means using your phone will be more fluid.

So here's a sample that I've screen captured on my device. 

To prevent scratches and dents on my new device, I purchase a hard case. The Samsung M52 5G was released 8 months ago yet it's difficult for me to find some of its accessories in the mall. And finally, I was able to get one. 

Look at this gorgeous beast! . I love it! the size is 6.7 inches with a corning gorilla glass 5. I played Genshin Impact on this device and I didn't see any lag issues. Though the refresh rate is only 60fps, I'm still hoping that Genshin Impact will release a 120hz refresh rate later.

Do I recommend this device?

Definitely YES! If you are looking for a mid-range device that packs the latest features such as 5G, Super AMOLED Plus Screen,  120hz refresh rate, Netflix-friendly screen, all-day battery, and good for gaming. I strongly recommend this device. for more information about the specs and features of this device. You can visit their website here

Thanks for reading my quick unboxing review of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. 

See you on my next blog.