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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Worth It?


Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Worth It?

Hello Everyone! And welcome back to another tech review.

Long Time Apple User...

I've been a long-time iPhone user and stuck in the Apple ecosystem for the past 10 years. While brainstorming and writing this article, I am using my MacBook Air M1 to write this content. 

With that being said, the migration process from iPhone to Android is a pretty difficult task. It took me a day and a half to process the migration using a USB type C cord via Samsung Switch. But needless to say, change is inevitable and change is good. (Later this week, I found out that I can easily transfer a copy of my iCloud Photos to Google Photos and I was able to transfer all of them within 3 days' worth of 123 GB of images and videos, that being done in the cloud transfer with just an easy click)

As most of my colleagues used iPhones, I asked them why they stuck to them, and most of them answered was due to better privacy and security. 

I'm not biased with both ecosystems but...

Well, I am not a pro of Android or iPhone at all but from a tech perspective especially since we are emerging with these technologies, Android has continuously progressed and built a robust security framework for each device adding more security layers depending on the brand of the device. Take an example from Samsung. They have Samsung Knox - the security arm of Samsung protecting the device 24/7 from some potential data breaches and have partnered with McAfee to protect its devices from any malware or viruses that may harm the device. 

Take it from Samsung...

Change is good!

Let's take a look at Samsung. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra last month. And this is my   1 month review and is it really worth it? Well, as a tech enthusiast, I am always experimenting and trying all the ecosystems as much as I can and I took the leap of faith to try a new ecosystem- Android preferred brand - Samsung. And I did not regret switching.

I'm not gonna discuss the technicality specifications in this article rather I am sharing my productivity and usability experience with the device. 

Not a snobby screen...

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra LTPO AMOLED Screen

The device's screen is incredible! It is definitely a feast for the eyes. The enormous 6.8-inch AMOLED LTPO display is stunning and perfect for watching any content that you can throw on it. It is also bright even when I use it in broad daylight.

The Camera Department is OUTSTANDING!...

Camera Department: Pro Settings

I use its camera for productivity and creating content and I was amazed at how the camera output was. Zooming and cropping any photo or footage is brilliant, and the stabilization is almost as good as using a handheld stabilizer. I even tried to use its 100x zoom and to my surprise, it reached the moon and it is still sharp!

 I primarily use the pro video feature of the device as it is easy for me to tweak all the advanced settings and this is shocking to me as compared to the iPhone (its inbuilt camera app) which doesn't have the advanced settings unless you have to purchase an app to utilize its feature such as Filmic Pro.

Every penny is worth it!

The S24 Ultra's Beasty Lenses

With the S24 Ultra, you get what you pay for and it's totally worth it.  

One thing that I liked about the Apple ecosystem is the Airdrop as it's easy for me to transfer wirelessly from my iPhone to my Macbook easily, but it takes time to transfer as it is needed to download first in the cloud and do the transfer. But what about Android to Macbook?

Well, it is easy, There is one software that is free to download and that software is Local Send. It is similar to Airdrop but any Android device can easily share and receive files either Windows or even my Macbook.

And I noticed that it was even faster to send a file almost the same as Airdrop. So sending a file between my devices is easy.

A battery that keeps you all day...

Battery-wise, it is boosted with 5000 mAh.  I still have enough juice by the end of the day for around 30 percent- that includes playing intense games such as Honkai Star Rail or Mobile Legends. 

It can also share some juice with another NFC-enabled device. Just toggle on the powersharing and voila, you can put the NFC-enabled device at the back of the S24 Ultra.

Note-taking is worth it!

S-Pen included in S24 Ultra

Hi! this is me- S-Pen!

One thing that boosts my productivity is the S Pen. It includes an S Pen and I always use it for note-taking and for productivity brainstorming for other content.

The Ecosystem that matters...

To make my ecosystem work together, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2. All of them work perfectly and harmoniously. Hear me out, I used to have an Apple Watch SE and Series 6 along and my Apple AirPods Pro. Both ecosystems work great in my opinion but every time I use my AirPods Pro, the receiver of my call usually complains a lot that they don't hear me and the voice clarity is terrible. Except for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. They are saying that it's clear and the voice clarity is better. 

I am going to share another review about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Airbuds Pro 2 in another blog.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Using the phone for listening to music, daily social media content usage, productivity, using the camera, and all. Anything you can throw at it. It's a wonderful device made by Samsung. 

The enhanced privacy and security layered and Samsung Cloud partnered with Google services is top-notch for me. 

I am satisfied and happy with this device and looking forward to using it the longer.

Thanks for reading my article and See you again next time.