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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Facebook Page Monetization: Pros and Cons

Hello Everyone! Its been a few months since the last time that I wrote content.


I was so busy focusing on my Facebook Page, for the past months, I was able to create more video content. It’s not that I already skipped writing and leave it like that, but there are just some things that I have to prioritize for some time. 


I am going to share what is my insight and my opinion (reality check) on having your own Facebook page having it monetized. Facebook is enticing creators from Youtube to switch to the social media giant. But is it worth the try? Well here's my insight into Facebook.

This is the Facebook Page Monetization: Pros and Cons


Let's dig in with the Pros.


  • You are getting more exposure to the ecosystem of Facebook and you're totally locked from it. . It's like a domino effect. Once you create your own content and the netizen love's it. They will share, like, and engage with your content. And the engagement, the higher the chances that Facebook's algorithm will recommend your video to all viewers who's interest is base on your niche. Adding the feature of silent play feature where your videos will play automatically without any sound, and that counts to your insights for playback.

  • You know who are the people who liked and follow your page. Unlike Youtube, People will gonna subscribe to your channel but those subscribers have limited profiling on their account. Compared to Facebook, You have the access to all profiles and all there details which they provide.

  • There are plenty of monetization tools that they offer to the creators.  Here is the list of tools which Facebook can offer you as long as you meet the criteria:

As mentioned, My page is eligible for the in-stream ads and the brand collabs manager.

Some creators have the chance to take all the monetization tools mentioned above.
Ensuring that creators are following the monetization and community guidelines of Facebook.

Now I am going to discuss the Cons:


  • Let me start with the Monetization Guidelines is CONFUSING.  I get frustrated, to be honest. But before anything, I am going to share what are the legends behind the color of the dollar icon ($) 

  • Plenty of repurposed content on Facebook. I watch a lot of videos from Tiktok, which is being reuploaded to Facebook, other creators are genius. If they find that this type of video is trending they have access to RIGHTS MANAGER- its a tool where you are tagging the specific video that you fully owned it and once other creators will repurpose it, You have the rights to tag them and the chance that their page will get demonetized.

For the first month of uploading content, I never encountered any issues with monetizing my videos. 
But the longer that I upload content consistently, I noticed that some of my videos turned yellow. Which means it's not monetized due to not meeting the criteria. 

Some criteria which they mentioned is the language. 
The fact that I am speaking in Tagalog and English primary. 

Facebook allows my Language -Tagalog to get monetized as this is one of the supported languages. But for some reason, they are tagging it as Yellow. But I find ways to move it to green by deleting the video and reuploading the content. It confused me a lot and it came to the point that It would take 4 days to approve my video despite getting high views (Pending Review)

  • The algorithm is complex and difficult to figure out.  I have my Youtube Channel and there's plenty of third-party provider like TUBEBUDDY to help you from optimizing your channel. It's easy to figure and optimize and there's easy instruction on how to do it as long as you have the plugin. I figure out how the algorithm of Facebook works and applied it to my Videos, but once you figure it out, they normally tweak the algorithm. In my opinion, it's a guessing game.
**If you want to try the free version of Tubebuddy. Feel free to click this link

  • Most of the creators at Facebook don't last their pages because of violating the monetization guidelines. 
I knew some creators decided to focus more on Youtube. Although Youtube is an intent app, -means you have to visit the website or app just to watch the content. Nevertheless, People are still preferring to watch Youtube and creators are getting more revenue from it. 

  • Lack of 60 fps or 50 fps refreshes rate.  This is one of the downsides which I really don't like the most. I am filming content and the refresh rate of it is 1080p 60fps and Youtube accepts it without any flaws at all. But for Facebook, at this time, they don't accept any refresh rate other than the normal refresh rate around 30fps. But they do accept the quality of the video up to 1080p.

Writing this content, my Youtube Channel is not monetized at the moment. But I'm looking forward to it.

For now, I am focusing on Facebook. I'm getting decent views from it and getting followers consistently,

As a content creator, I carefully read the monetization and the community guidelines of Facebook. As they are getting lenient when it comes to the guidelines.

So, Is it worth it to invest your time creating a page and uploading your content on Facebook?

The answer? 

Well, I am in between actually, Sometimes you're good at Facebook, sometimes not. But work smart. I upload my content from Facebook and Youtube at the same time. 

So I hope you learn something from it :)

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Thank you and stay safe!