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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Youtube Channel Monetization | My Channel is NOW MONETIZED! | Ceddy's Random

Youtube Channel Monetization | My Channel is NOW MONETIZED!

It's been...

It's been a long time since the last content that I published. Finally, I have something to write again. Hehe.


If you're wondering I skipped few months to write content is because I have to focus on my Youtube Channel. 

After several weeks and almost 3 months of getting the right SEO with the help of TUBEBUDDY.  I'm able to get the requirements of Youtube in order for me to qualify for the Youtube Partner Program.


I was earning money before with youtube way back in 2017. During those times, the requirement only is 10,000 views. 

However, Youtube changed its rules to get into the program, some creators do not adhere to the TOS (Terms of Service) and the Youtube Community Guidelines. And Youtube decided to take further action on these issues and implemented new rules and guidelines.

What are the requirements? 

Well, You should have at least 1000 subscribers and a watch-time threshold of 4000 watch hours- in the last 12 months

Easy huh? 

Well actually, it depends. If you have the right niche that is matched to your audience and has a wow factor content, the chances are, People will gonna watch and subscribe to your channel and You might achieve those requirements in no time. 

And what about me? HAAHAH. NO. It's not easy. "wala" -wala in Arabic means "I swear by God". Hehehe

Search Engine Optimization...

On my end. I opt. to get the premium version of Tubebuddy. Utilizing all its features especially the keyword tags ranking comparing it to weight or unweight so that I can analyze which is the best tag to be applied on that specific video. This particular video is not getting that many views, but after a month,  making some changes on the tags and keywords, descriptions, title, thumbnail, and analyzing other channels with their tag, Surprisingly. The number of views increased subsequently. There were days that I'm getting a lot of comments with 93 views within 48 hours period and a few subscribers.  

The length of this video is approximately 20 minutes. Upon checking the analytics, I can see where they dropped to watched and I was surprised that the average view timings would last until 14 minutes.

I cannot share the screenshots as it contains some confidential information and this is against the terms of service or TOS of Youtube.

Countdown in 3..2..1...

I got an email that I finally meet the requirements. It took me 10 days for my Channel to get approved. Some content creator shared their experiences that they got approved right after submitting the application, or less than 4 hours and maximum within 24 hours. 

 I'm a bit worried as I exert a lot of effort and time and set aside my website just to focus on getting monetized from Youtube. I thought, they will reject my application because of "this and that". I kept checking my emails from time to time within the first 6 days. Afterward, I decided to leave it. Maybe I'll get disappointed if I expect a positive result and ended up being rejected.

But wait...

But, low and behold, December 15, 2020.  9:43 AM. I was eating my breakfast at my workplace when suddenly my phone chimes, and when I checked my email. Here's the message:

A cloud-nine feeling...

I'm alone in the back store of my workplace and I almost gag while sipping my coffee. Hahaha. All my hard work pays off! 

I always dreamed of getting my Youtube Channel monetized. I've seen this only to those successful content creators. And finally, I am one of them having a monetized channel!

Despite the pandemic. All my goals for 2020 has been achieved! My Facebook page and Youtube channel are now monetized.

Writing content and creating vlogs. Now that's a talent. Haha.

My Youtube Channel and Facebook Page are linked at the top right corner of this page (via desktop) or at the top portion (via mobile) Feel free to visit them. And I really appreciate it if you can follow or subscribe to my channel.

I have something to share more contents. Stay tuned :)

Stay safe and GodBless.



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