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Friday, August 4, 2023

Macbook Air 2020 M1 (Model A2237) First-Hand Impression and Quick Review


Macbook Air 2020 M1 (Model A2237) First-Hand Impression and Quick Review

Hello Everyone! Ceddy here and I am back for another tech review. And for today's content, I am about to share my first-hand impression of the new Macbook with SOC processor.

This is Macbook Air 2020 with an M1 processor. As you may know, I recently purchase its brother Macbook Air 2020 with a different processor of  Intel Iris Plus Graphics i3 processor. To learn more about this intro spec laptop, head to this link.

So far this is the third Macbook that I had. Adding the iMac 2017 which still I'm using this far at home. The first one was a Macbook 2015 with an i3 dual-core processor and packing up with a 256 SSD, which I used for more than 6 years. As the battery started to weaken and with the demands of the processor from the apps which I used. I decided to purchase the latest Macbook Air 2020 5 months ago. 

For some reason, the tasks and the software tools that I used got a major update, right after my Macbook has some difficulty processing the tasks which leads to its fan making a lot of noise. Slight editing and rendering via Apple Final Cut Pro or developing some X-Codes metadata will freeze for a matter of minutes that I need to restart it. This affects my day-to-day productivity and my submissions of my projects got delayed. Streaming via OBS to Facebook, Youtube or Twitch has seen a major dropped frame and a lot of CPU usage. I am using an internet speed at home of 500 Mbps of download and 400 Mbps upload. Despite tweaking the obs settings, still, the lagging issues remain the same. I overestimated its specs since it's only for basic usage.

However, just basic browsing the net, video streaming has no issues at all. I decided to send my Macbook 2020 with Intel graphics plus in the Philippines. Right after a few months of using it.

And then I take the leap. Before purchasing the Macbook Air M1 2020 (A2237), I watched a ton of reviews. Especially the review of Marques Brownlee. Most of the reviews that I've watched and read were positive.  This Macbook that I purchased comes with specs of 8 Gigabyt of unified memory (RAM), has a 256 solid-state drive (SSD), and the Apple M1 Chip that brings incredible performance, with power efficiency.

Due to the excitement, I unboxed it without pressing the record button of my camera. And that sucks! I know! Hahaha. But no worries, I took some pictures the same day when I unboxed it.

Aesthetic Packaging

I purchased my Macbook at (e-commerce which is based here in The United Arab Emirates) 

Truly to see on its packaging. Simplicity is beauty. Who else wouldn't get excited to unbox an Apple product? I bet all of you can be excited! 

What's in the box?

Well, of course, the 13-inch Macbook Air with M1 Chip. I love the color. It's space gray! Contrary to the previous Macbook, my first Macbook 2015 comes with a glowing Apple logo on its back. That's the last Macbook with a glowing logo on it. 2016 and later started with an aluminum body design. Apple didn't give any reason why they discontinued it but some speculations might be about the production cost or it was done for design reasons.

USB-C Cable (Yes!) But I wish they implemented the Magsafe charger. I like it and it's easy to connect to the port magnetically. But it is what it is. Apple later this year bring back the Magsafe charge on its new Macbook Air 2023 15-inch model.

30 Watt power brick. Yes, it's normal for Apple to provide a decent power brick but I hope they can provide a faster charging brick. Needless to say. It's decent and can charge the device instantly. 

Some documentations. Oh, I don't know how to operate my new Macbook. I guess I'll be needing this to read on. (hahah just kidding)

And the infamous Apple stickers. They partnered with the color of the Macbook to its stickers. So they included space gray stickers.

And here's the Beasty! Have a look.

So far, when it comes to the design, there was no change at all. All that you've seen from my previous Macbook Air 2020 with i3 is the same. Except for the color and its processing ability. Switching on the Macbook for the very first time, there is juice for about 40%. Performance to watt is one of the highlights of the new M1 SoC. 

Photo: Apple

In a nutshell, it gives you a robust and efficient usage of the system with a little sip of its power. As previously mentioned. My Intel Macbook has a hard time processing its tasks which leads to battery consumption and the high noise fan takes its capacity to cool down the system.

Speaking of noise, the Macbook M1 works silently. Yes! you heard it right. With its new thermal technology, the M1 can deliver efficient processing without noise. 

I started to export videos via Da Vinci Resolve, opened multiple tabs via Chrome (which consumes a lot of rams), safari browser, and streamed via OBS. And I did not hear any fan (because there is nothing haha) or any rising temperatures! It's cold as the temperature of my room! Comparing this to my previous Macbook with Intel, I guess it's already freezing. Battery-wise, it's better than my previous one. Writing this content was about 2 hours and I left home with 90 percent battery and now it's 81%.

I was surprised! Truly it's a wonderful machine. If you are looking for a laptop to edit your videos, photoshops, or live streaming via obs. Then this laptop is the best recommendation. 

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and I'll see you again next time!