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Monday, August 28, 2023

Wifi 6- What's the hype and is it worth it?


Wifi 6- What's the hype and is it worth it?

We live in the digital age and must rely on the fastest and safest Wi-Fi connection. As the years went by, new technologies were introduced to the market and one of the latest Wi-Fi Systems was the Wi-Fi 6.

Most of you need to be made aware of what type of Wi-Fi connection you are currently connected to, and usually, this new technology is kept low-key but gives you the reassurance of privacy and advanced features.

For this content, I will share what is Wi-Fi 6 and whether is it really worth it? 
For those who are not tech enthusiasts, I will try my best to explain it in a nutshell and avoid some jargon (or probably less jargon, lol).

Wifi What?

It was developed to address the increasing demands on wireless networks due to the growing number of devices, data-heavy applications, and the need for more reliable connections in congested environments.

How to know if I'm connected?

Most of the new smartphones including the iPhone 13 Pro and later, and the flagship Android smartphone has a built-in Wi-Fi 6. 

For iPhone models, there is no indicator that you are connected to a network that has a Wi-Fi 6 system, however, for Android smartphones, especially Samsung, there is an indicator for Wi-Fi 6 at the corner of the screen. It usually appears as an icon of Wi-Fi with a looping 6 on it. 

The latest Macbook Air and Pro M1 and M2 SOC have built-in Wi-Fi 6. Curious to know what Wi-Fi 6 settings look like on your Macbook, head on to: 

Apple Icon (top left corner) ➔ About Mac ➔ System Report ➔ Network ➔ Wifi 

Then you will see the "Supported PHY Modes" which is 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax

Where to find Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is mostly being used in crowded areas such as malls, crowded stadiums, airports, or public places.

Is it secured?

Since I mentioned about security, Wi-Fi 6 offers enhanced WPA3. WPA3 is more advanced. It is designed to provide encrypted data transfer and communication networks that don't provide passwords (like in malls and airports). 

What about the data speed and transfer?

Watching 4k and 8K content via Wi-Fi 6 delivers multi-gigabit internet speeds and less buffer at all. So if you are watching 4K 60 FPS HDR content on Youtube. The chances of buffer are very less and delivers smooth and buttery video. Nonetheless, watching regular content at normal resolution is okay. 

Wifi 6- Is it worth it

In summary, Wi-Fi 6 is a significant advancement in wireless networking technology that focuses on providing faster speeds, improved capacity, and better performance in crowded environments. It addresses the challenges posed by the increasing number of devices and data-hungry applications in today's digital world.