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Saturday, June 2, 2018

6 steps how to get blog views

6 steps how to get blog views

The title of the article seems catchy huh? Is it?

Let's face the fact!

It's a reality.  You have the passion for blogging. But for some reason. YOU are not earning much something from it.

 "I have the resources. But why I don't earn that much? " - A lot of people asks this question ( including myself )

You cannot earn money from blogging overnight.

 It takes time, patience and perseverance to earn your hard earned cold passive income. It will take months and months and months. Trust me. I earned 8 Dirhams for the past 4 months.  The reason behind?

Just continue reading below...

I started my interest in earning money online, 5 years ago. I was curious. How these people earn money online?

And so I started self-studying. Doing some research. And eventually. I stumble on blogging. I learned how to set up my own blog site. Reading some articles about blogging.
Learning Google analytics, Adword implementation, publisher content, domain installation, monetization and optimization of my blog.

All these things I learned, for free from the internet. But it seems that there is something missing.
I am receiving organic traffic from my blog. However, this organic traffic is very less.

Website Traffic- is the lifeblood of an online business.
And not only you or I,  struggling with it.

"I wish I could increase my traffic 30,000 to 100,000 monthly."
But how?

Well, I am going to share some of my tips with you.
However, just so you know, getting traffic isn't easy as what you expect. And I cannot guarantee that you might get that traffic immediately. It will take months and months. In rare cases, for a year!

Sharing to Social Media and  Search Engine Optimization are the most common to drive your website traffic.

But what about how to get traffic from these resources?

Check this out:

Know Your Niche and have Passion from Blogging

Know your interest and passion. Write down the list of the things that you usually do before. For example, if you love to bake cookies or you frequently travel during your free time then decide which one is common. In this way, you can only focus one thing at a time.

Blogging isn’t easy as you expected.  Particularly if you are focusing on an area that you don’t care about. So, therefore, you might tend to quite easily. Particularly for the first time aspiring blogger. If you are passionate about a goal that you want to. Then just focus on that goal. Just stick with it and learn something from it.
So for example. You love to bake cookies, and you have a lot of homemade cookie recipes that you already knew and want it to share your blog. Then focus on it. So that is your goal.

Focus on your goal + Ideas + blog it = Niche. That's the formula

Help Your Readers Curiosity 

Yes! Everything is possible on the internet these days! People are searching for DIY. How to bake cookies and more!

In short. People are looking for answers or solution.

If getting a traffic is your concern. Then you have to focus and create a solution. Your reader wants a solution. Do it and focus on it. Result? Traffic and recommendation!

Share Your Content- Widen Your Network

You need to engage in these communities such as Facebook Group, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Nuffnang, Reddit or Linkedin Group to name a few.

Introduce yourself and show your expertise. Contribute to the community and help others. You will get the results automatically in favor to you.

Produce Informative Content

You are putting efforts into creating a rich article. Are you?

Well, I will give you some tricks for you to improve it. So that you will be more confident about your blog.

Create a catchy headline article

Create a better introduction to your post

Write a simple content yet very effective. ''Don't beat around the bush" 

Use Google Keyword Planner - It's easy to use and free!

Share it with the World!

Use social networking sites as a medium.
Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Twitter to name a few are the top social networking platforms for you to increase your traffic. 

Engage and focus on these social top platforms and you will see the result!


If you have a fascinating visual, you get more social shares and increase your blog traffic than before!

I am using Pexels for my visual. You can check their website on this link
Don't forget to create a catchy grabbing visuals to share it on social media.

So that's it!

I understand. It is really hard to earn blog traffic. However, as long as you follow these tips. For sure, it will be easier.

The sky is the limit if you want to learn. Just explore and learn more.

And you will see the result!

Thanks for reading my article :)

Next time again.