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Monday, June 4, 2018

Retail Associate - Life of a Retail Associate

Retail Associate

These are the common questions people asked me if they know that I am working in Retail Industry.

''You work in retail? Wow!''

''Do you have staff discount? Can you give me?''

For some, it's awkward, for me, its normal. It's my perks anyway.

Sounds good to hear, is it?

I work in the retail industry for 4 years - that's the summary of all the work experience that I incurred.

Fortunately, I was accepted easily by my current company. 
There are pros and cons if you work in the Retail.

Let's check first on the pros.

  • Perks!

Lucky you, If you are working on a giant retail company tendency is, you will be receiving some of the following:
  • discount program such as staff discounts up to 50% (my company offers 50% discount during retail employee day and up to 30 percent discount on a regular basis),
  • employee rewards like participating in different events and activities or be commended and appreciated for working with the company
  • financial benefits for employees as per mandated by the labor law such as paid vacation leave, air ticket allowance (if you work abroad), Emergency leave- not paid, and Sick leave is available as well.
  • getting a tip from the customer (if the company allows you to accept)
  • Rest day during your birthday
  • Compensatory Off ( Offset during holidays)
  • Paid Overtime

How about the cons?

check this out:

  • Customers

As a retail associate, we are interacting in an environment with a different race and populace. We can't deny the fact that sometime's we are being treated in a different way. Some customers are racist, some are nice, some could understand if you explain the return policy, for example. Another customer will treat you as their personal assistant, if they are not satisfied, they will complain to the manager or else write an email to the company itself.

As a retail associate, Our goal is to make our customer happy and satisfied. But other customers are taking it to the next level. Despite the quote '' Customer is always right". We cannot do anything about it unless customer will act violently.

Retail Company nowadays are protecting their credibility. So in order to avoid these things. They are pro-consumer, without consumer buying the product, there is no income at all.

  • Rest Days

If you work in retail, don't expect to get a rest day during holidays. Holidays is the Hotspot for the retailers as consumers tend to visit the malls and splurge for shopping. Other retail shop offer sale during holidays as well so expect the crowd during these days.
For a retail associate, we call it block days- days that we cant go on vacation.

Peak season starts from November until January. So we can't request a vacation on these months unless there's an allotted manpower.

Working overtime? of course! It's extra pay for you, however, despite overwork, you felt tired the entire day and you cant even managed to do things that you want to do.

  • Workload

If you work in a children's clothing for example. A lot of merchandise items are needed to prepare and to be displayed. So if you haven't tried working in this type of industry, you might tend to quite easily. Customers are happy and love to shop, so we need to make sure that everything is well set and shoppable. However, despite these good result of hard work, we can't avoid the fact that workload is very high.

Despite these Cons. It's a fulfillment for me to work in a Retail Industry.
It boosts the level of my self-confidence.  I don't talk a lot to anyone, However when I started working in this field. It changed everything.

Meeting different people, Working with the team,  interacting with the customer, and helping them means a lot to me.

By the end of the day. You and your team will be productive, you made someone happy because you help them.
You contributed to the growth of the company and company gives you in return.

Fulfilling, isn't it?

So for those people who want to work in retail.
Do some research, especially for those first-timers who want to work.

Thank you for reading my blog and see you next time.