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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Hi, My Name is Cedric Half Filipino, Half Jet-setter from Iloilo City Philippines. I live in the beautiful City of Abu Dhabi.I spend my free time wandering around the city and get to know more about new things and share it with the World.

At  Corniche Beach, Ajman United Arab Emirates

I like music (A lot)

My day wouldn't be complete if I cant listen to my favorite tracks.
I always have my phone and headset wherever I go.
Travel or work, Music is Life :)

I like eating

They said “Food is Life”- Definitely, from shawarma to biryani. Arabic cuisine, Pakistani or Indian Cuisine.
Name it, I will eat it. Who doesn't want to get starve anyways? :)

I like traveling

I’m a backpacker so whenever I go and see places, I plan it on time and on budget.
Sometimes I travel with my buddies but it is better to unwind alone for somehow.

I love Instagram

I’m an active member of Instagram since 2010. Taking pictures and sharing it with the world means a lot to me. It simply shows that every picture you share counts a lot of meanings and inspires others to do the same.

And because I love all these things, I found myself writing about it and came up with this blog. Other than that, I’m a retail associate working for children's clothing and a virtual assistant by night

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Happy Reading! :)