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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Best Hotel to Stay in Abu Dhabi

Where to Stay in Abu Dhabi?

When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy, there is a comfort, there is a reassurance. -Dianne Von Furstenberg

What I want in a hotel?

My Personal Taste: 

  • Luxurious Amenities
  • Very polite and well-groomed staff
  • Provide a wide selection of in-house condiments (coffee preferred :) ) 
  • Eye-strain free environment
  • Great location to the nearest shopping malls and parks.

Sheraton Hotel located at Corniche Abu Dhabi

These are the things that I want in a hotel. And one of the hotels that make me want to stay all over again is the Sheraton Hotel located at Corniche Abu Dhabi.

My cousin invited me to stay at this hotel last year ( 2017) during the eid period.
This was my second time to check in to such a luxurious hotel. The first was with Khalidiya Palace by Rayhaan.

Discrete yet Ginormous - S for Simplicity yet Exquisite 

The discrete architecture and the Arabian desert palette of the hotel make me wonder to think whats inside of it.

We went during the Eid day, though it is a  holiday, it was easy for us to find a parking lot.
Good thing, Sheraton invested into a spacious parking lot to cater its guests -hassle-free

Walking towards the hotel from the parking lot takes a minute or two.
We arrived around 5 in the afternoon.

The silhouette of the hotel subtle behind the sunset daze reminds me of my hometown province in The Philippines.

"the ambiance of the spacious lobby which resembles the modern sense of France"

Upon entering the lobby, you will be welcomed by a huge grand staircase and the ambiance of the spacious lobby which resembles the modern sense of France (or known as beige environment).

Discreet yet Ginormous and Luxurious

The room was spacious, overlooking the Corniche beach. The room that we have chosen comes with an office circle nook table. A king size bed, Minibar, and a capacious bathroom.

Simple Happiness- Condiments and I Am Happy With that :)

The one that makes happy was the mini bar. Sheraton offers a wide selection of condiments and snacks ( i like the nuts by the way).

I really appreciate on how they compile these condiments in a single shelf.
I'm a coffee lover so I don't need to call the lobby to request for a coffee since they provided enough for us. Water heater, Flat-iron, mini-fridge, LCD TV is all I want. And Sheraton has this all.

Swimming - A Relaxing way to keep you Away from the hustle bustle schedule

The beach lagoon was excellent as well. We beachin' out around 9 in the morning. The weather was perfectly fine. Good enough for some skin tanning (although I didn't :D )

There was a lifeguard as well. But you need to be on a swimming attire for them to allow you to use the swimming facility.

There is some umbrella hut within the swimming area (opposing the pool). Perfect for chillin' and laying out while sipping some pina colada. (ugh trust me, I wish I had :D )

There are options for the kid's pool and for adults.  So my niece chose the kids pool of course and it is kinda bit warm that my niece likes it very much.

After swimming, I didn't waste my time, so I roam around within the area and I came up checking their gym facility. 

Health Club - Gym facility and more

It's a well-lighted space full of gym types of equipment. And a friendly staff awaits at the counter to assist you at any time.

I also checked the gym's changing area (washroom/bathroom). Separate for Ladies and Gentlemen.
The resemblance of the changing room reminds me of Gold's Gym facility.
It's nearly identical. It provides shower gel and towel after taking a shower.
Hairblower is available as well.

5 Thumbs Up! - Highly Recommend!

So far. I enjoyed my stay at this hotel and will definitely book another one!
So if you are searching for a hotel which is accessible from the shopping malls such as Abu Dhabi Mall and Corniche Beach. This will be the right hotel for you to stay.

For more information about the hotel, how to go there or hotel booking.
You can directly visit their website by clicking this link. Or you can directly book via within my blog page. Just type Sheraton Hotel Abu Dhabi, choose your preferred date and hit the search button.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog!

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