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Thursday, April 19, 2018

What to Do in Abu Dhabi Today - Shopping Area

What to Do in Abu Dhabi Today

Shopping Area

There is more to something than meets the eye

When people heard about this country: The United Arab Emirates, People would think about Desert, Camels, Gold Bars to name a few.

But wait, there's more. There is more than what your mind would think about this country.

From Artificial Intelligence to Advancement Technologies, Unmanned Vehicles to Wireless Technologies, UAE is ahead nor advanced from other countries.

It's a leading destination for travel and luxury. From the tallest structure on earth to luxurious shopping malls. 7 Star Hotel,  Name it, They have it. Making Ambitious things made into reality.

In this blog, I am going to share some of the malls that  I visited. 

During my free-time, I usually do malling. Visiting different Malls within the City of Abu Dhabi and if I'm on a budget, I usually go to Dubai for Mall hopping.

To name a few,  Here are the malls that I visited.

On my list:

Abu Dhabi Region:

Bawabat Al Sharq

image credits to trip advisor

This mall is situated at 6th Street, Bawabat Al Sharq, Baniyas East
A huge mall and a quiet place. Mostly locals visit the mall. The parking is very easy to get a space and easily accessible for everyone. Varieties of different cuisines are available, from Western to Middle Eastern. Specialty foods and Cafes are available as well. If you are into grocery thing,. There is a huge supermarket. 

Overall This Malls is unique since it comes with the open space design, the convenient hypermarket, the good cinema, and the food court, It was awesome.

If you are near to this area then you should try to visit!

Mushrif Mall

image credits to global

This Mall is located at  25th st, Airport Road, Al Mushrif - Abu Dhabi (Opposite side of Police Colleges). 

There is a big fish tank elevator. You can enjoy watching the view inside or outside.

A Mall that comes with an easy parking with indoor and outdoor parking.
Adjacent to the mall. There is huge meat, fish, fruit and vegetable market. They call it "The Market".

The Market offers free cleaning of fish to your specification if you want to request. And there are some shops wherein you can pay extra for cooking the meat (charcoal barbecue or by frying). Very convenient and everything is fresh. From meats to kinds of seafood.

Internal parking lot: There is a shop for tinting your car. And a car wash service as well.

If you are a moviegoer, this is not the place you should stay. Since this mall doesn't have any movie complex. But for the kids, it offers a huge entertainment zone such as the "Sparkys".

Located conveniently close to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center this mall is a must visit for any tourists and locals.

Alwahda Mall

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This Mall is located at  Hazza Bin Zayed St, Old Airport Rd, Al Wahda - Abu Dhabi.

It is just beside the Al Wahda Bus Station.

It comes with a very large space with an assembly of well-known brands such as The Children's Place, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Aldo, Victoria's Secret and more.

It is crowded during the weekend since the mall is situated in the CityCenter. 
Amenities such as restroom,  feeding room and prayer room are easily accessible.

Parking is not a problem, as they have multiple floors of parking which is available.

There is a huge grocery that can be found in the lower basement.
For newbies, It's a bit complicated to find it. There is an interactive touchscreen directory as well for you to find the shops easily.

The food court has a decent variety of ethnic and fast food restaurants.

So if you are coming from other regions (or emirate).
This will be the first mall you can visit as this is in front of the bus terminal.

Abu Dhabi Mall

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Abu Dhabi Mall is located in Central Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It was opened May 15, 2001, and has 200 shops. It is located next to the Rotana  Beach Hotel with a direct internal entrance from the hotel.

There are free 2 levels underground parking for ample space.

Its a family oriented mall as perfect for the weekend gateway. It houses some major brands of clothing such as Aldo, Tommy Hilfiger, Fitness Gym such as Fitness First, Canadian coffee shop - Tim Hortons, Starbucks and more.

Cooperative Grocery can be found in the basement. Ample space and wide selections of food products are readily available.

This Mall continues with very interesting theme thru out the year

Overall, This mall is a good place for shopping as the crowd is not that frequent even at rush hour

Khalidiya Mall

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The mall is located strategically in Al Khalidiyah. Located at the nerve center.
Outside, The mall is purely Islamic architecture design.

It comes with an array of three levels of tenants that sells major brands of clothing and flagship brand of phones.

Wide selection of multi-cuisine on the food court is excellent. From Middle Eastern Cuisine to Western.

A huge grocery that has ample space is very accessible to the people around the area.

Overall, if you are on a quick shopping or grocery, this is the place to be.  Though it doesn't have a lot of shops, everything that you need is available here.

The Mall (WTC)

photo credits to memphis tours
photo credits to memphis tours

When it comes to internal architecture. This is the most astonishing yet elegant mall that I've visited.
It comes with a unique design outside and inside of the mall.

All major brands of clothing and luxury accessories can be found here. Fine dining restaurants and Chinese cuisines are available as well.

However, only few coffee shops and restaurant is available and a bit limited.
But the wow factor of the interior makes you feel comfortable roaming inside "The Mall".

Ample parking space is available - 4 level basement.
There is available Cinema as well.

So overall, If you are a tourist and wants to take some good snapshots.
This will be the best mall to take photos inside and out.

Bonus: If you know how to play a grand piano, there is one, available inside. And everyone can try. As long as you want. :)

Galleria Mall

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I visit this mall 4 times.  And I can say that all high end luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton can be found here. During Christmas, New Year and And Chinese New Year, The seaside promenade take place for some events from time to time. 

I'm a budget wanderer, so good thing there are 2 foodcourts that offer budget-friendly food options.
High-class restaurants and shops can be found here.

The interior architecture and exterior architecture is so-so futuristic. 

Therefore, if you have an expensive taste and loads of cash to spare then this is the best mall for you.

As what I have said, I'm a budget-friendly guy, so it's still very impressive to see this mall. The architecture itself and not much crowd during the weekend.

Yas Mall

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This is the biggest mall when it comes to ample space.
How big the Yas Mall is? Just imagine: A 7 Alwahda Mall connected together to create this huge mall.
Yas mall is a renowned landmark in Abu Dhabi. That caters 400 international brands. Imagine? 400 Brands!  And its home with the region's largest department store and the biggest shoe store.

The interiors are exhilarating and its elegant design makes your shopping experience more comfortable.  The mall itself has natural lighting during the day. So the daylight that passes thru the interior makes you feel comfortable at ease.

And if you want for thrill and water outing. The Yas Ferrari and Yas Waterworld are just right next to this Mall.

Al Raha Mall

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If you are coming from Dubai, This is the good place to stop by and buy some snacks or goods.
However, the grocery is not that big and comes with limited stuffs.

The mall is just beside the iconic building in Abu Dhabi. They call it as the " Round Building" or I call it the One Dirham Building. :)
The name of this iconic building is the Aldar Headquarters.

Al Raha Mall has a food court and cinema as well.

So if you are coming in Abu Dhabi and wants to buy some stuff on the way.

Then, you are in the right Mall.

Deerfield's Mall

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It is one of the community malls in the area of Shahama.
A great place for people who live around.

The exterior design is somewhat similar to Khalidiya Mall. Yet the interior is a bit dim. Some lights are not working particularly on the 3rd floor.

Coffee shops, Fitness gym and Huge grocery to name a few are available.
Ample car park is available in the basement

This place is just the border or Abu Dhabi and Dubai so if you want to buy some snack same as Al Raha. Try to visit this place.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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