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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Place to Go in United Arab Emirates

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

Sunset Daze

To see it to believe indeed. I heard so many times about this famous peak from my friends. But I never got the chance to visit before. And I heard a lot of good feedback from this place.

So before the winter season ends, I need to visit the said place and enjoy the cold breeze while wandering this place.

This is the Peak of Jebel Hafeet locally transcribed as JabalJabel or Jebal and Hafit or Hafeet. Meaning " An Empty Mountain".

The Peak at Jebel Hafeet

 Located primarily in the environs of Al Ain, which itself is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the UAE
Part of the mountain straddles the border with Oman, while the summit is located wholly within the United Arab Emirates.

We are a group of 8 to visit the peak. And it took us approximately 3 hours to reach the peak (including the time we visit the Al Ain Museum)
Beautiful sand dunes are on the way and good thing, the blue skies are showing. It was a perfect day to travel. The weather forecast was absolutely great.
tickets at Al Ain Museum

group picture

group picture

group picture

behind the scene 


We even got the chance to visit the Al Ain Museum checking out the local artifacts, how the way locals do for a living in their daily lives way back. And much more. 

Al Ain Museum

At the Peak...

When we reach the entrance of the mountain, There where some signages saying that all drivers should drive carefully and slowly as the curvative driveway is for two way only. Good thing, our friend, drives very slowly and we are able to capture the view of the entire emirate (halfway throughout the peak). I was able to stream live via Facebook as well. The signal strength of Etisalat (My mobile carrier) is so strong that we can be online even at the peak.

Here's Our First Stop 

 I guess it was in the middle or halfway of the Mountain going up at the peak. There is a designated area wherein people can park their car and have some time to take a picture of the overlooking view of Al Ain and some part of the Emirate. There's even a Hotel (Mercure Hotel) way thru the peak.

Everyone uses snapchat, We use Boomerang ! :)

We took some pictures and we use the boomerang app (Instagram). It's a perfect spot for Wedding photoshoot.
The breeze of the air was so cold and the gustiness of the air is imaginable. I wear my jacket yet I feel cold. Later, It was a bit hazy that time but still manageable. 

More Minutes Please...

It took us 15 mins to reach the peak. On our way at the top, there was a Hotel operated by Mercure.
So travelers can have the option to stay for days at the peak or even overnight. You can book a hotel via there website. Please click this link for more info.

blue skies on the way up to the peak

blue skies on the way up to the peak

Oh, Hello There Jebel Hafeet :)

Hello Jebel Hafeet!

You will be welcomed by the huge spacious circular mass of land (or flattened rocks perhaps)

Jump shot is life :D

There's a huge cafeteria that caters all travelers. So even if you relieve yourself, there's a washroom inside. There is a huge rock formation just behind the cafeteria. There where a handful of travelers and local tourist who visit the peak as well. 
A spacious parking lot and yey! It is free! 

There is designated barbecue area if you want to grill something or cook your packed food. 

So cold yet never bother me anyway...

The temperature was around 16 degrees and my phone's geolocation was tagged at "Al Buraimi" since some part of the mountain straddles the border with Oman

I've been to Oman for 3 days. That was 2 years ago. Nostalgic indeed.

Food is Life...

There is designated barbecue area if you want to grill something or cook your packed food. 

We marinated some chicken for the barbecue. My other colleague cooked some Pakistani food and of course my favorite: Chicken Biryani.

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time

It is a good time to take a couple of pictures and of course the Sunset itself. It is the perfect spot indeed.
So here are the pictures (Includes Al Ain Museum and At The Peak) :

I got hooked on the Boomerang App. So we have a lot of boomerang pictures.
Here are some of them:

Update: for some reasons, I cant upload the pictures.I will be updating this blog as soon as my icloud is working.

More Pictures?

Tired yet happy and fulfilling.. 

We left the peak around 8 in the evening and by that time, the forecast will be a bit hazy so my friend is driving slowly up until we reached Abu Dhabi...

As a result...

If you want a place where you can spend with your family or unwind alone for some time.
Then definitely, you should visit this place.

See you on my next blog :)