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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Stumbling on Happiness - Hidden Truth Beyond Happiness

Stumbling on Happiness

"You'll never understand until it happens to you"

Readers Discretion:

A friend of mine asked me a favor to share her "love story" It's not mine :)

Enjoy Reading! :)

Believe or not? Rather Confused.

I don't believe in this quote. Because I never experienced it before. But something has changed.
Falling in love with someone is a wonderful experience. Particularly if that person does love you.

But what about if the person you love the most doesn't like you? or that person wants only sex and not love? or there's no chance of being in a relationship cause it is not possible?

Are you gonna stop loving that person? Do you want to give some space for some time to think about it? or just leave it and move on?

"I fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time." 

That's what my mind is thinking about and my heart does the other way around.  

I was so depressed thinking about it. Should I continue sending this person a private message?
My day is not complete if I cant send a message to this person a simple hi's and hellos followed by a response, makes my day complete.

We've been chatting for a long time. We've even met once. I met this person thru dating app and we started chatting together. Until it reaches the point that we need to meet up.


I met this person thru online dating app. We exchange some messages until we exchange some facebook account and we chatted privately. It lasted for a year. Until one day,  I was at Dubai for some work and I remembered this person. So, I was like, How about a meetup? So we decided to meet after work...

I was so nervous and having this chills down my spine. This is my first time to meet someone online. I never tried meeting up. The first time I saw this person, I was like, for real? This person looks different on the pictures.

It is a coincidence that I have the souvenir from my Country on my backpack, It's the t-shirt that I promised to give if we're going to meet up. So I did. We exchanged some conversation, it lasted only for 5 mins and I left cause I'm in a hurry for some other reason.

After the meetup, until now, we are still exchanging some conversation.

Reality Slaps - Truth Hurts

Then one day, it reaches out to the point and this person told me that it's not possible to become us in a relationship. I like this person and I told this person frankly that its more than friends but the response was it's not even possible.

People Change from Time to Time

I don't know what happened to this person. I was clueless. I kept thinking about different thoughts Why this person suddenly changed instantly. Did this person find someone else? Is this person a player? etcetera.

" We could still be friends but don't message me if its necessary " this person advised me to observe some limitations in asking questions as to its very uncomfortable.

We are still chatting until now, but it's not like before. I want to say something interesting conversation to this person but I'm a bit worried about the effects later.

I think a million times. Not to disturb or ask some unnecessary questions to this person.
I'm still adjusting. But sooner or later,  Maybe, I will get used to it.

Move On

I prepared myself for this situation. Teary-eyed, I told this person that I totally understand the situation. That we are not meant to be. It is difficult to accept the reality but instead of avoiding it, I still embrace it because this is just a challenge. I Am still young and I am still on my way to finding the right person for me. Struggles? Difficulties? Its just a part of our life.


Without challenge, You wouldn't be successful. Same as Love, The more difficulties the higher the chances that you will truly find your loved one. Don't rush things easily. As what I have said, it's not the right time. And I'm still young.  Other people found there love when they get older. For other people, they call it luck since its taking a long time. However, for me, i call it Destiny.

It all that counts

Moving on, despite how much I love this person but I don't get anything in return. Though I don't expect anything from it.

I know that a lot of people still loves me. First and foremost; My God, Second My Family, and lastly My Friends and People surround me.

I'm a bit emotional. I guess I cant think any article so, I just want to share some small portion of my love life - Princess.
And my apologies if I kept repeating the word "Person" I know its redundant.

That's all for now

Thanks for reading and see you on my next blog :)